Conditions and Closures

AmenityCurrent Conditions
Soccer/Rugby FieldOpen
Sulphur Ball DiamondOpen
Bourgeau Ball DiamondOpen
Tennis /Pickleball courts 
Fenlands Meadow Ice RinkClosed 
Train Station Ice RinkClosed 
Rec Grounds Dog ParkOpen
Industrial Compound Dog ParkClosed

Updated October 23, 2023

Field Conditions FAQs

When is the decision made to close the fields and diamonds?
Conditions are monitored each weekday during the regular season (mid-May to October) and are updated by 1 p.m. each weekday on this webpage.  

How are field or diamond closures determined?
Closures are put in place to reduce damage during or following rain events and to reduce risk of injury to participants caused by slippery and wet conditions. Closures are put in place by Municipal Parks and are based on the assessment data which includes the amount of precipitation forecasted, recent precipitation, presence of standing water, conditions in high use areas like around the goal posts, air temperature leading up to the assessment that could impact the field drainage (i.e. ground freeze) and the snow pack. Other weather conditions such as temperature, wind or air quality are at the discretion of the participants or subject to guidelines of the local sports associations.

What if it says the field or diamonds say Open but it has recently rained, or the forecast has changed for the weekend?
Assessments are only completed on weekdays so if there is a significant shift in the weather forecast for a Saturday or Sunday, groups and users should not proceed with play if the field or diamonds appears saturated. A saturated field or diamond is one on which the soil cannot absorb any additional moisture and water runs off or pools. A saturated field or diamond can also be when water sponges up round your feet or when there is noticeable sinking when walking on it. Conditions can also deteriorate quickly during inclement weather, especially with late afternoon thunderstorms that produce large amounts of precipitation. Users that play on a saturated field or diamonds may be fined and/or have their upcoming bookings cancelled.

Full refunds are always provided for rentals cancelled due to field closures.

Are there any indoor sports facilities available if the outdoor field and diamonds are closed?
The Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre is home to an indoor turf field from mid-April to September of each year. To access the field, join us at one of the public drop-in sessions  or make a private facility rental. Find more information about the indoor turf including, rental rates.

How can I book a field or diamond?
Please contact rentals department at to inquire about bookings of the sports field, diamonds, indoor turf or facilities located at the Banff Recreation Grounds. See a complete list of rentable facilities managed by Town of Banff.