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Commercial Environmental Rebates

  1. Privacy Statement

    This personal information is being collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, section 33(c). This information will be used in the administration of Town of Banff rebate programs. If you have any questions regarding the collection and use of this information, please email or contact Kerry MacInnis, Administrative Assistant, Planning and Development at 403-762-1215.

  2. Product Information

    Please provide complete information about your purchase as follows:

  3. Rebate*

    We advise e-mailing before buying to verify eligibility. All rebate applications must be accompanied by receipts/proof of purchase (attach below). Photocopies, scanned images, or photographs of receipts are acceptable. Screenshots/photos of online payment confirmations are not acceptable. 

    Please note these E-Bike requirements:

    • Buy when you are ready. There is no funding limit or deadline. 
    • Receipts must be dated January 16, 2023 or later. 
    • Bikes must have operable pedals. Max power = 500 W. 
    • Bicycles with a pre-tax purchase price over $5,000 are not eligible. Exceptions may be granted to residents with special needs, at the Town’s discretion.
  4. Applicant Declaration *
    • The items listed above were purchased by a licensed business in good standing located in the Town of Banff for use in the townsite. 
    • Every effort has been made to recycle or reuse old items that were replaced, as applicable, by taking them to the Town of Banff Waste Transfer Station and/or Re-Use It Centre at 100 Hawk Ave. 
    • I agree to the conditions of the rebate and understand that the Town of Banff is not responsible for the selection, installation or performance of any items purchased and installed under this program. 
    • I grant the Town of Banff the right to verify, through a home inspection, that the items listed above and approved for rebate have been installed for use within Banff. 
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