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Film Permit Application

  1. If you wish to use any of Banff's public places to film for commercial purposes, you will need a Film Permit. (Public places include streets, roads, parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, environmental reserves, parking lots and pathways within the town's boundaries.)

  2. Freedom of Information and Privacy

    Personal information gathered in this application is being collected under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Section 33c, and will be used for the purpose of administrating film permits within the town of Banff. If there are any inquiries as to why this information is being collected please direct them to Eamonn Reil Visitor Event Specialist Town of Banff PO Box 1260 Banff Alberta T1L 1C1 403-762-1221

  3. Fees

    Commercial Film (still and motion) permits cost $263 per day, or for any portion of a day. Banff charitable and non-profit organizations are exempt from the fee, as are owners and operators of public utilities. Film permit fees will be waived if rental fees have been paid for the public place being used for the shoot.

  4. BYLAW INFORMATION: All producers must abide by Town of Banff Bylaws in their entirety. *

    Bylaws most often applicable to filming are: a) Bylaw 16-4 Traffic Control Bylaw b) Bylaw 124 Streets & Public Place Use Bylaw c) Section 10 of Banff Land Use Bylaw No. 31, which governs Signs

  5. Indicate requested location, date start & end times

  6. Indicate requested location, date start & end times

  7. LOCATION # 1: Please check all that apply

    *Street Use Permits may be required

  8. LOCATION # 2: Please check all that apply

    *Street Use Permits may be required

  9. Indicate requested location, date start & end times

  10. Indicate requested location, date start & end times

  11. Location # 3: Please check all that apply

    *Street Use Permits may be required

  12. Location # 4: Please check all that apply

    *Street use permits may be required


    Indicate how you plan to inform the residents and businesses of any traffic delays and road closures.

  14. Indicate the number of commercial vehicles for the film & where they will be based. Street Use Permits will be required for certain locations. **One vehicle or less, simply state "Not Applicable- one non-commercial vehicle only"

  15. Town of Banff requires a certificate of insurance in the amount of $2 million general liability naming "Town of Banff" and "Her Majesty the Queen in the Right of Canada as represented by the Parks Canada Agency" as additional insured.

  16. Collection of information: The Town of Banff works collaboratively with other governing organizations such as Parks Canada and Transport Canada on film permitting. The information submitted on this form may be shared with one or both parties. *

  17. Occupational Health & Safety information

    For the purposes of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the sponsoring group is the prime contractor for all areas of Town property used during the event/shoot. The Town of Banff reserves the right to revoke a permit issued for an event/shoot and to cancel an event/shoot for any reason and shall not be responsible for any associated costs or damages.

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  19. Contact

    Eamonn Reil 403-762-1221

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