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Exemptions for Requirement to Provide Reusables for On-Site Dining

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  2. Exemptions for Requirement to Provide Reusables for On-Site Dining

    The Town of Banff has passed a Single-Use Items Reduction Bylaw to support a range of voluntary initiatives underway to help reduce disposable items that are used once than go to landfill.

    Businesses serving food and beverages ready for consumption must have suitable dishwashing facilities to clean the reusable food ware and provide adequate seating (minimum of 10 seats) for consumption on the premises. Businesses can apply for a full or partial exemption if they cannot accommodate on-site or off-site dishwashing facilities due to space, financial or other special circumstances.

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  5. A member of the Town’s Environment & Sustainability Team will contact you when your request has been reviewed, to discuss your eligibility for an exemption and collaborate on alternative solutions to reduce waste in your context.
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