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Street Pole Banners/Sidewalk Event Sign - Application

  1. Street Pole Banner or Event Sign Application

    The Town of Banff recognizes the benefit of a limited number of banners to animate the town and promote special events or activities consistent with the the purposes and values of the Town of Banff, Banff National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site designation, to enhance the public realm and compliment the surrounding natural environment. In rare cases, special event signs are permitted in approved sign display units.

    Application does not guarantee permission to display banners; all applications are reviewed and permitted or rejected based on appropriateness and availability of space and staff resources.

    If requesting Town Council to waive the fee, applications must be submitted by mid-October of the year prior to the intended display period. 

    Requested installation and removal dates may change based on availability, weather conditions or work requirements of the installation team.

  2. Freedom of Information and Privacy
    Personal information gathered in this application is being collected under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Section 33c, and will be used for the purpose of administrating Special Event Street Banner and Sign Program within the town of Banff. If there are any inquiries as to why this information is being collected please direct them to Eamonn Reil Visitor Event Specialist Town of Banff PO Box 1260 Banff Alberta T1L 1C1 403.762.1221
  3. Primary Contact:
  4. Type of Organization*
  5. Commercial Advertising on Banner Requested (advertising is rarely permitted):*
  6. Banners examples: 28 banners on Banff Ave., or 13 Banners on Bear Street
    Sign examples: Bear Street, or Central Park by washrooms, or Banff Ave. by Banff Ave Square

  7. Note: materials for banners are described in Policy and Sidewalk Event Sign material is limited to coroplast insert

  8. If banners images are different, describe the sequence they should appear. Please reference the road where the banners appear and from what end your sequence begins.
  9. If banners do not have a mirror image, please indicate which side of the image should be adjacent to the street pole.
  10. Banners/Signs need to be delivered to the Town's Operations Building at least one week before installation.
  11. Please indicate the calendar week in which banners/sign are requested to be installed. The date is subject to change due to other approved installations or work relating to snow clearing, construction or other operational issues

  12. Note: this is subject to other approved installations, or weather, or construction affecting dates

  13. Disclaimer
    I declare that all information supplied on this application is true. I agree to assume full liability for any damage or loss resulting from the mounting, display and removal of the proposed banner and lettering. The Town of Banff reserves the right to revoke or cancel this application for emergency use purposes and/or Town programming or equipment loss or failure beyond the municipalities’ control.
  14. I agree to the above disclaimer
  15. Fee Waiver
    In certain rare cases, town council may consider waiving banner application, installation and advertising fees. In order to be considered, you must apply.
  16. Would you like to apply to waive banner fees?
  17. Please enter a dollar amount (Application fee: $268. Installation fee: $74 per banner)

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