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Special Event Application

  1. Special Events
    A Special Event is defined as any activity or event occurring in Banff which is open to, or intended to attract, the general public and will take place in/on publicly owned facilities. Applications for a special event must be submitted to the Town of Banff no less than three months in advance of the event date. This is an application/request only and does not guarantee a permit will be issued. To ensure complete understanding of all requirements, please see the special event policy and Special Events Standards on the events page.
  2. Freedom of Information and Privacy Act

    Personal information gathered in this application is being collected under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Section 33c, and will be used for the purpose of administrating events within the Town of Banff. If there are any inquiries as to why this information is being collected please direct them to the Director of Communications, Town of Banff PO Box 1260 Banff Alberta T1L 1C1 403.762.1207 or

  3. Is your organization a registered non-profit?*
  4. Please note; new events with road closures or use of streets will only be considered from October until end of May each year.
  5. Please provide a detailed site map.
  6. Admission Charge:*
  7. Number of:
  8. Please indicate number of vehicles and size
  9. Please indicate all activities that will apply to your event.
    Depending upon activities, applicants may be required to supply other documentation before a final permit may be issued (i.e. insurance, liquor permit, etc.) Note that not all activities are suitable for all locations, and some activities may not be approved.
  10. Food Preparation: (a)*
  11. Indicate Catering Company dates hired, how food waste will be managed
  12. Sales of any kind: (b)*
  13. Specify if there are food sales, merchandizing or ticket sales with the event
  14. Temporary Structures: (c)*
  15. Provide a sketch with dimensions of each structure and indicate where the structures weill be built if other then a tent
  16. Refrigeration Trucks: (c)*
  17. Inflatable-activity Bouncer (c)*
  18. Entertainment: (d)*
  19. Amplified Sound: (d)*
  20. Alcoholic Beverages: (e)*
  21. Animal-type Activities: (e)*
  22. Fireworks: (e)*
  23. Sponsorship Advertising*
  24. overall number of vendors, vendor type, company/vendor name and contact information
  25. Please describe how much power you will require and from what source. Generators are strongly discouraged. 

  26. a) Contact the health department at 403.762.2990 to determine regulations regarding your food/beverage and toilet requirements. b) A business license may be required depending on the type of sales proposed. c) Some temporary structures may require a pre-event inspection by the Building Inspector or Fire Dept. d) Noise bylaw details must be reviewed and agreed to with the organizer’s signature. e) Town of Banff insurance requirements must be met, a liquor license purchased, and copies of the insurance certificate and liquor license provided to the Town.
  27. Prior to the event organizers are responsible to meet with Town of Banff staff to confirm the set-up and take down arrangements.
  28. Tents/other structures to be erected.*
  29. Temporary stage(s) to be erected:*
  30. Portable toilets to be brought on site:*
  31. C) Will you need access to power? (Available only at certain facilities)*
  32. E) Will you be using banners or signage to advertise your event?*
    (Signage Bylaw and Banner request form.)
  33. Inidicate the type, approx. size and locations of promotional material (i.e. banners, posters, etc.)
  34. G) Will any or part of your event take place outside the Town boundaries?*
    (If yes, you must get approval from Parks Canada, (403) 762-1500).
  35. existing and proposed temporary buildings, location and size of tents, temporary structures including ice sculptures, lighting, vendor booths, activity areas, number and location of washrooms, bleachers and seating areas,barricades and crowd control, all proposed signage (both on site and off site), beer gardens, proposed water and power connections, generators, deep frying machines, fire and emergency services and access points. The Banff Fire Department may require additional specifications for stages, furniture, cooking instruments.
  36. I) Will you be evaluating your event?*
  37. Noise Levels
    The Community Standards Bylaw (#260) is intended to assist organizers in ensuring that noise from the event does not intrude unreasonably upon residents living and/or working adjacent to the event site. The guidelines explain the responsibility that event organizers have for monitoring noise resulting from the presence of your event occurring in a public park, on a street, or in a facility. The Town of Banff reserves the right to require that the event organizer and/or sound contractor reduce amplified sound levels if these are found to be excessive (e.g. causing undue public complaint, unreasonably interfering with adjacent users, or exceeding noise bylaw limits, etc.) Sound checks or amplified music will be allowed only during the following hours: Monday to Thursday 11 am – 9 pm Friday/Saturday 11 am – 10 pm Sunday 1 pm – 9 pm
  38. Communication Plan
    Organizers must provide a detailed Communication Plan and must provide residents adjacent to the event site or others that may be impacted by the occurrence of a large event with advance written notification about the event, the date, times and the event program of entertainment. A copy of the notification must be provided to the Town of Banff. The communication plan should also provide contact information for on site manager as well as procedures in place to address complains.
  39. Indicate the methods that your organization will use to distribute event information:*
  40. Event organizers must submit a risk assessment with their initial application that identifies hazards, analyses and evaluates risk associated with special events. The public safety assessment will be reviewed by both the Banff Fire Department and Alberta Health.
  41. Use of Streets & Sidewalks
    When using streets or sidewalks, organizers must provide a Route Map, a Site Map, a Traffic & Pedestrian Plan and a Risk Management Plan detailing the event’s arrangements for marshalling, emergencies, first aid, volunteer management, traffic management (pedestrian and vehicular), and participant management. Maintain emergency vehicle access during road closure/use. The Town of Banff’s insurance requirements must be met and parade policies followed. Under some circumstances, organizers will be required to gather written consent from the businesses or residents affected by the event and submit the approval signatures to your assigned Town of Banff Liaison. Other details may be requested.
  42. Street Use Permit Required
  43. Insurance Requirements

    The Town of Banff must be provided with a copy of your insurance certificate indicating a minimum of $5 million in General Liability insurance and listing “The Town of Banff” and “His Majesty the King, in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Environment for the purpose of the Parks Canada Agency” as additional insured no less than three weeks prior to the event. Other organizations may need to be included as additional insured depending upon the event or facility used.

  44. For events greater than 50 persons a Waste Management plan is required, including information regarding efforts to mitigate impact on wildlife as well as details on waste diversion keeping with Town of Banff Low Waste Guidelines
  45. Fees & Charges and Payment Schedule
    The Town of Banff’s Fees & Charges brochure provides a listing of all equipment, facility, permit, and event fees. All fees and projected costs must be paid prior to the event date unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
  46. Town of Banff will locate irrigation lines. Event organizers are responsible to contact all other underground utilities. You will be responsible for any damages done to irrigation systems as a result of stakes or poles placed without prior approval.
  47. Terms and Conditions
    The following “Terms and Conditions” are incorporated into and form part of the permit agreement. 1. The licensee is responsible for ensuring that: the assigned area is appropriate for the activity; the activity is conducted in a safe, orderly manner; the activity is restricted to the assigned area; the event activities do not interfere with other park users or contravene any Town of Banff Bylaws. 2. The Town will assess any damage that may occur as a result of the event and payment for such damage will be the sole responsibility of the Applicant. 3. The Applicant will be responsible for all cleanup operations. 4. The Town of Banff reserves the right to cancel any or all booked time should any portion of the facility be rendered unsafe/unusable due to mechanical/electrical or structural failure. 5. The Town of Banff is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. 6. The Rental shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Banff for: a) Damage or expense sustained by the owner/operator of the facility b) Any claim to which the owner/operator of the facility may become liable by reason of personal injury or property damage sustained by any person participating in the activity, a spectator, or any other person attending at the facility during the term of the Agreement. c) Any personal injury or property damage suffered by anyone from a breach of item 6. 7. The Applicant shall be responsible for the orderly behavior of all persons participating in the event, and shall ensure that facilities and equipment are used only for the purpose listed on the Agreement. 8. Users must carry the permit and present it upon request. Permits will be revoked without payment of any compensation in the event of a breach of any laws, by-laws, or conditions set up herein or in force. Non-compliance may also result in fines, penalties, and additional charges. 9. Vehicles are not to be driven onto grassed areas or restricted access and service roads at any time. Non-permitted vehicles may be towed. 10. The Town of Banff reserves the right to revoke this permit if payment is not received according to the terms of this agreement. 11. A $50 key deposit is required when signing out facility keys.
  48. Some events may be subject to the following requirements:
    Event Security: Provide a description of how security will be provided and scheduled: Parking Plan: Describe the areas where event participants and spectators will park during the event. Traffic Control: For events that will be impacting a town-site roadway, contact the Event Specialist at 403.762.1221 to discuss street closures and provision of equipment. Public Awareness: The Town of Banff may require organizers to give advance notice regarding event details to residents adjacent to the event site or others that may be impacted.
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