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  1. Apply for a Committee 2020 -New

    Apply for a Town of Banff committee, board, or commission.

  2. FireSmart Assessment Request for Homeowners

    Homeowners in the Town of Banff can request a free assessment from the fire department to check for ways to better FireSmart their... More…

  3. Special Event Application

    Town of Banff welcomes third-party event producers and works to ensure that production is as smooth as possible. This application is a... More…

  4. The Aster Registration of Interest
  1. Combustible Roof Replacement Incentive

    Combustible Roof Replacement Incentive application form

  2. FireSmart Tree Replacement Incentive

    Get a free replacement tree when you replace a conifer on your property.

  3. Special Event Banner Application

    The Town of Banff recognizes the benefit of a limited number of banners to animate the town and promote special events or activities... More…