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  1. Combustible Roof Replacement Incentive

    Combustible Roof Replacement Incentive application form

  2. FireSmart Tree Replacement Incentive

    Get a free replacement tree when you replace a conifer on your property.

  3. Special Event Application

    Town of Banff welcomes third-party event producers and works to ensure that production is as smooth as possible. This application is a... More…

  4. The Aster Application to Purchase

    The Aster development is a 33-unit condominium complex being built in the heart of Banff. The development is created to provide... More…

  1. FireSmart Assessment Request for Homeowners

    Homeowners in the Town of Banff can request a free assessment from the fire department to check for ways to better FireSmart their... More…

  2. Request for Special Ballot Package
  3. Special Event Banner Application

    The Town of Banff recognizes the benefit of a limited number of banners to animate the town and promote special events or activities... More…

  4. The Aster Registration of Interest

Banff Community Services

  1. Banff Access Program - Business participation application

    The Banff Access Program provides qualified low-income applicants with discounts on community classes, children’s programs, Roam Public... More…

  2. Settlement Services Employer and Agency Referral
  1. Bow Valley Non-Profit and Community Group Skills Bank Application Form

    The Bow Valley Non-Profit and Community Group Skills Bank will pair groups together to share knowledge and experience running... More…

Bylaw Services

  1. Lost Property Report

    If you have lost a valuable item in the Town of Banff, use this form to report it and so we can return it to you if it's turned in.

  1. Parking Ticket Appeal

    Use this for to appeal a parking ticket that was issued to you by the Town of Banff.


  1. 2021 Meeting on Evacuation and Traffic for South Side Residents
  2. Candidate Information Form
  3. St. Julien Road Reconstruction Engagement
  1. Bear Street Engagement

    Project updates for property owners, tenants, businesses and residents of Bear Stree.

  2. Special Event Feedback Form

    Use this form to provide feedback to the Town of Banff on special events that take place within the town boundaries. Public feedback is... More…


  1. Commercial Waste - Additional Service Form

    Use this form to request an additional pick up of any waste or recycling service that you receive from the Town of Banff. For general... More…

  2. Commercial Waste - Change to Weekly Schedule Form

    Use this form to request changes to the waste and recycling service you receive from the Town of Banff. For general inquiries and... More…

  1. Commercial Waste - Bin Quantity/Size Change Form
  2. COVID 19 Community Resource Coordination

    The Purpose of this form is to ascertain the operating status of local businesses, and to what extend they require or can provide... More…

Permits & Licenses

  1. Film Permit Application

    Commercial Film Application for Town of Banff