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1. Why not add a fourth lane to the Bow River Bridge?
2. Why don’t you limit the number of cars that cross the Bow River Bridge, similar to the concept of restricting vehicles on the Moraine Lake Road?
3. Why not build a giant intercept parking lot?
4. Why doesn’t the Town build a new parkade?
5. Why have scramble crosswalk intersections?
6. How come the pedestrian crossing time at the scramble intersection is 25 seconds long?
7. Why don’t you remove the mid-block crosswalks on Banff Avenue to eliminate traffic flow interruptions?
8. Why not use flaggers to manage traffic on very busy days?
9. Large delivery trucks block and/or slow traffic when backing into the alleys. Why doesn't the Town do something about that?
10. Is the Town going to install traffic signals at Buffalo St/ Bear St intersection?
11. Why does the Town report both incoming and outgoing vehicle volumes for entrance traffic counters? Isn't just incoming vehicles that are the problem?