I run business in town, how can I prepare for this bylaw?

You can designate a smoking section on your private property if you have the available space (like hotel grounds and sidewalks leading to restaurants, off the public sidewalk). If you don’t have that available, take note of the closest public smoking location to direct your customers and employees. Businesses can install ashtrays for staff in alleys or private property as long as they are way from doors or windows and air intake systems.

The Town of Banff will also provide a sign document for businesses to download and print or have printed at one of the local sign printers to be placed in windows or on buildings indicating there’s no smoking in public areas.

Businesses are encouraged to work with their staff to identify safe places to smoke and to avoid littering, as well as identifying benefits, supports or resources to help staff who want to quit smoking. The addiction is very difficult to break alone, and sometimes identification of supports is enough to start the process to a healthier lifestyle.

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1. Why did the Town of Banff create a smoke-free bylaw?
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8. I run business in town, how can I prepare for this bylaw?
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