Is there anywhere I can smoke in Banff?

Smoking will still be permitted on private property – where allowed by property owners or managers – and in outdoor parking areas and Banff’s network of alleys. Businesses can continue to designate smoking areas on their property. 

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1. Why did the Town of Banff create a smoke-free bylaw?
2. Doesn’t the provincial government already restrict smoking in public?
3. How will you enforce this bylaw?
4. Can I get a ticket for smoking in the Town of Banff?
5. Is there anywhere I can smoke in Banff?
6. Are there still public ashtrays available?
7. What about Indigenous people who use tobacco for ceremonial purposes?
8. I run business in town, how can I prepare for this bylaw?
9. As a business, am I responsible for enforcing this bylaw?
10. What can residents do to support this bylaw?