How will you enforce this bylaw?

Municipal Enforcement officers will monitor the bylaw while on regular patrol through town, as well as responding to complaints of regular infractions. The RCMP are also able to enforce this bylaw. The priority is to provide education to bring about awareness and compliance over time.

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1. Why did the Town of Banff create a smoke-free bylaw?
2. Doesn’t the provincial government already restrict smoking in public?
3. How will you enforce this bylaw?
4. Can I get a ticket for smoking in the Town of Banff?
5. Is there anywhere I can smoke in Banff?
6. Are there still public ashtrays available?
7. What about Indigenous people who use tobacco for ceremonial purposes?
8. I run business in town, how can I prepare for this bylaw?
9. As a business, am I responsible for enforcing this bylaw?
10. What can residents do to support this bylaw?