Community Connections

Community Connections in the Bow Valley helps Permanent Residents of Canada connect with the community.  Our programs are offered through Settlement Services in the Bow Valley 

There are many ways to get connected!

Join a Community Connections Event or Activity

Cultural Community Meals
Learn about cultural food and traditions. Connect with other community members.

Community Connections Participants

Learn-To or Try-It Events
Learn how to mountain bike, cross-country ski, skate and other sports.   Transportation, equipment and instruction are provided.

Online Networking Events
Meet other community members.  Connect through language learning, online meals, Q&A sessions with community leaders, and much more!

Field Trips
Visit important locations in your community.  Learn more about places like the library, post office, doctor, dentist, and many other locations. 

Story Telling Events
Learn more about other community members through their stories.  Share your own story. We often partner with community organizations like artsPlace or the Bow Valley Learning Council on these events.

Participate in the Community Connectors Program

If you are new to the Bow Valley, get matched with a Volunteer Connector or Connector Family who will:

  • meet with you or you and your family 2-3 times/month for four months
  • introduce you to community resources, services and activities
  • help you learn more about Canadian culture
  • help you meet people

Volunteer in the Community Connectors Program

If you feel comfortable and connected in your community, consider volunteering your time to support new community members.

  • Volunteer as an individual or as a family
  • Meet with your participant or participant family 2-3 times/month for four months
  • Be a friendly face in the community
  • Share your knowledge of community resources and services
  • Make the Bow Valley you love feel more like home for others!

Training, support and fun activities are all part of this volunteer experience.

Community Connections Volunteers