Water Main and Sewer Flushing

As part of regular maintenance, water main flushing and sanitary sewer work is done throughout town. You may notice crews at fire hydrants flushing water down the street or trucks at manholes during the summer.watermain break

Water Mains

Flushing water mains removes the sediment that can gradually buildup in pipes. This means that while they're being flushed, you may notice some temporary water pressure fluctuations and/or water discolouration. If you notice some discolouration, run cold water and it should clear within five to 10 minutes. If the problem persists for more than an hour, call the Town of Banff operations offices at 403.762.1240.


Sewer systems are flushed to remove material that has settled and accumulated in pipes. Flushing trucks release pressurized water through the sanitary sewer main to remove any buildup. You may notice a bubbling and/or a vacuum effect in drains and toilets during this work. If that does occur, keep toilet seats closed and cover any basement floor drains.

Because water is flushed in and drawn out of the system during this work, in some cases you may notice an odour from drains. If you do, run the water in your sinks and pour some water down floor drains.