Trails Master Plan

Bow River Trail - Trail Network
Banff Trails Master Plan

Trails Master Plan

The Trails Master Plan will be used to help guide the development of trails and trail maintenance in the Town of Banff for the next 10 years. Adopted by council on February 23, 2015, the intention of the plan is to help the town create a more robust trails network to support recreational uses, visitor experience and a more sustainable active transportation system.

Download a copy of the Trails Master Plan (PDF)

Projects in Progress:

  • Upgrade the trail along Bow Falls Road from Rundle Avenue to Bow Falls to Trail Type 2; Investigate options to put an on road pedestrian route on the north side of Bow Falls road from the falls parking lot to Spray Avenue.  Horses to remain on existing trail on the southside.  Administration to return with a detailed report with potential scope of work in Q1 of 2021.– design 2021, construction 2022 
  • Improve connectivity from Valleyview to Mountain Ave. Connecting the trail network running behind and on the lower (East) side of Valleyview to appropriate Mountain Ave pedestrian routes – design 2021, construction 2022. 
  • Identify priority streets for active modes improvements - Design work for the next project – a sidewalk on the north side of Moose Street from Banff Avenue to Muskrat Street - will commence in fall/winter 2020.  This work will likely be constructed over two years, with the Banff to Beaver block first and Beaver to Muskrat the following year.  
  • Design and plan a Type 3 trail from Cave Ave to Jasper Way. – design 2021, construction 2022 
  • Research potential policy and infrastructure changes for winter cycling.

Trail Lighting Projects 

Project description & goals: Provide lighting in line with the Trials Lighting Policy to the sections of trail located to the North and South of the Pedestrian Bridge, as well as to the Legion. 

Current Status: Design is complete. Remaining works were postponed due to COVID-19.