Recreation Grounds Redevelopment Project

Redevelopment Plan

The Banff Recreation Grounds Redevelopment Plan (PDF) was adopted by council on March 23, 2015. It is a guiding document that guides the redevelopment at the recreation grounds over 10 years (2015-2025).  

The improved Banff Recreation Grounds will provide residents and visitors with a mix of new and improved amenities, while supporting increases in visitation to day use facilities. The plan also includes lifecycle maintenance projects.  

Major projects in the plan include:  a new skateboard park, multi-purpose building, canoe landing, upgraded sports field, toboggan hill, leisure skating rink, adventure and nature playgrounds and a dog park.  Lifecycle projects include upgrades to picnic tables and shelters, repairs to existing trails and parking lots, improved water fountains and irrigation systems replacement for the ball diamonds and sports field.

Current funding for the recreation grounds redevelopment is approximately $10.5 million, including $500,000 in provincial funding to redevelop a central trail, a north perimeter trail, a new horse trail relocated to the south perimeter, and maintenance/servicing trails.

Rec Grounds

Banff Recreation Grounds Redevelopment - Site Plan

Banff Recreation Grounds Redevelopment - Site Plan Legend

Projects that have been completed at the site include:

  • Picnic table upgrades (2017)
  • Removal of mountain bike features (2017)
  • Skatepark (2017)
  • South parking lot (2018)
  • Ball diamond fencing (2018)
  • Trail to greenhouse (2018)
  • North playground (2019)
  • North parking lot repairs (2019)
  • Norquay, Little Bow and Protection shelter repairs (2019)

Completed Projects in 2020:

  • Rundle cabin move and restoration and user group storage boxes 
  • Design for the sports field, ball diamond irrigation, skatepark and sports field picnic areas and dog park. 
  • Preliminary design to support the Parks Canada Environmental Impact Assessment process for all future year projects. 

Upcoming Projects in 2021:

  • Dedicated horse trail
  • Dog Park (inclusive of the removal of the eastern ball diamond)
  • Ball Diamond and Sports Field Irrigation
  • Track removal and expansion of sports field 
  • Trail works (i.e. north trail)
  • Protection shelter renovations (wall removal and lifecycle work)
  • Multi-purpose building and civil works design. 

Upcoming Projects in 2022:

  • Multi-purpose building
  • Toboggan hill
  • Informal skating rink
  • Basketball court resurfacing
  • Complete trail connections following civil and pedestrian bridge works. 

Each project year may also include smaller projects including signage upgrades, tree planting, natural fitness elements and picnic site improvements.