2014 Pilot Projects

The following are recommendations from the Transportation Master Plan that were piloted in 2014:

Scramble Crosswalks

Scramble Crossing SignBeginning Thursday, May 15, the crosswalks on Banff Avenue at Wolf Street, Caribou Street and Buffalo Street will become scramble crosswalks. This means there is a ‘pedestrian exclusive phase’ in the traffic signals – when the lights turn red, traffic in all directions will stop, and pedestrian can cross in any direction, including diagonally.


Heavy pedestrian volumes on Banff Avenue – particularly during the summer – can cause traffic congestion at busy intersections. On busy days, over 2,000 pedestrians and 200 vehicles converge per hour at Banff Avenue and Caribou Street. Scramble crosswalks are being introduced because:

  • It’s faster. Pedestrians can take a more direct route to their destination. 
  • It’s safe. By splitting pedestrians and vehicles into separate phases, scramble intersections eliminate vehicle/pedestrian conflicts, thus increasing safety. 
  • It improves vehicular traffic flow. Right now, high volumes of pedestrians often cause a backup of traffic while vehicles wait for a gap to execute a turn. With a scramble intersection, there are no pedestrians to impede traffic flow. 
  • It’s easy. Scramble crosswalk have proven effective throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and other parts of North America, including Calgary and Toronto.


Pavement markings will be painted at the intersections to indicate the new diagonal crossing. There will also be additional crosswalk signals and signs to show where scramble crossing is permitted.

Regular traffic data updates will be made as information becomes available.

One-Way Traffic & Angle Parking on Bow Avenue

Beginning Thursday, May 15, Bow Avenue will become one way traffic only, heading southbound (from Wolf street toward Central Park). Angle parking for cars only will be implemented on the river side. The parking time limit on Bow Avenue is 12 hours.


Creating one-way traffic will facilitate angle parking on Bow Avenue, in turn increasing the parking stall availability near downtown. The stalls will be for cars only – a portion of the parking lot on Wolf Street (beside the Health Unit) as well as along Railway Avenue are designated for recreational vehicles only.

Traffic Pattern Changes

Traffic Changes Buffalo Street and Bear Street Intersection

Effective June 1 to September 30, no stopping, no parking at any time on Buffalo Street in front of the Canada Post building to create a right-turn lane. After September 30 there will be 15 minute parking in front of the Post Office on Buffalo Street.

To improve traffic flow on Buffalo and Bear Streets, effective June 17 (see map below):

  • 100 block of Buffalo Street will become one way, flowing west to east, from Bow Avenue to Bear Street. Two-way traffic resumes on Buffalo Street after Bear Street.
  • Vehicles may only enter the Central Park parking lot from the Bear/Buffalo street entrance. Follow the arrows to a vacant parking stall.
  • Vehicles may only exit Central Park parking lot from the west exit (river side), and must turn right onto Buffalo Street.
  • No changes to posted parking time limits. No RV parking.

One Way Traffic Map

Parking Enhancements

Bow Avenue 12-hour Parking

The parking time limit on Bow Avenue has been extended to 12 hours. Parking Map (PDF)

Central Park Parking Reconfigured

To create an additional 17 stalls, RV parking will be eliminated in Central Park and on Buffalo Street, and the stalls turned into vehicle parking. Effective in May, conditions permitting.

Parking Formalized on Spray Avenue

To create an additional 33 stalls, parking will be delineated on the south side of Spray Avenue.

Parking Time Limit Changes

After September 30:

  • Bear Street parkade maximum time limit on top floors is 12 hours
  • 100 block of Beaver Street surface lot maximum time limit is 12 hours
  • Cascade Plaza parkade maximum time limit is 12 hours

Additional RV Parking

  • RV parking only on Railway Avenue, on Wolf Street west of Lynx Street.
  • RV parking only at the health centre parking lot on Wolf Street

No Return Regulation for Central Park lot, Bear Street Parkade

Effective in the Central Park parking lot and Bear Street parkade, vehicles cannot be moved to another stall within the same lot or leave and return within six hours.