2021 Candidates

Election Results

The following individuals have filed their Nomination Paper and Candidates Acceptance forms. 

The contacts below were provided by each candidate; the Town of Banff shares them as a courtesy and does not verify nor endorse the content.

Official List of Candidates for the 18 October 2021 Town of Banff Municipal Election (PDF)

See Candidate Profiles provided by candidates.

Election Day is Monday, October 18, 2021.

Candidates for MayorContacts
Corrie DiManno

Email: info@dimannoformayor.com
Website: dimannoformayor.com
Facebook: DiManno For Mayor
Twitter: @dimannoformayor
Instagram: @dimannoformayor

Garry Gilmour

Email: gagilmour58@gmail.com
Phone: 403.763.3808

Brian James StandishPhone: 403.760.1892
Email: deeshman@gmail.com
Website: www.brianstandish.com

Karen Marlene Thomas

Phone: 403.763.3852
Email: thomasforbanff@gmail.com
Website: thomas4banff.com
Facebook: Karen Thomas for Banff Mayor
Instagram:  @Karen Thomas 
Twitter:  @Karen Thomas 

Candidates for CouncillorContacts
Jessia C. ArsenioEmail: jessia.arsenio@gmail.com
Website: www.jessiaarsen.io
Social: www.m.me/jessiaarsenio
Allan Buckingham

Email: Vote@AllanBuckingham.ca 
Website: https://www.allanbuckingham.ca/
Facebook: Vote Allan Buckingham 

Grant Canning

Phone: 403.431.8221
Email: grant_canning@hotmail.com
Website: grantcanning.com
Facebook: Re Elect Grant Canning

Ted Christensen

Phone: 403.760.7910
Email: tedbanffcouncil@gmail.com
Facebook: Ted Christensen Town Council
Instagram: tedbanffcouncil

Stephanie Ferracuti

Email: ferracutiforcouncil@gmail.com
Facebook: ferracutiforcouncil
Instagram: @ferracutiforcouncil

Dana HumbertEmail: votedanahumbert@gmail.com
Website: danahumbert.com
Facebook: Dana Humbert for Banff Council
Instagram: @danahumbertforbanffcouncil
Chip (Cheryl) Olver

Email: chipolver@shaw.ca
Phone: 403.760.1161
Website: chipolver.ca
Facebook: chipolverforbanffcouncil

Barb Pelham

Email address: barb@barbforbanff.com
Website: barbforbanff.com
Facebook: Barb for Banff
Instagram: @barbforbanff

Hugh PettigrewPhone: 403.762.2718
Email: pettigrewfortowncouncil@outlook.com

Facebook: Hughpettigrewforteambanffcouncil
Instagram: Hughpettigrewforcouncil 
Twitter: HJ_Pettigrew

Kaylee Ram

Email:  kayleeforcouncil@gmail.com
Facebook: Kaylee Ram for Banff Council
Instagram: @votekayleeram

Shawn RapleyEmail: RAP4334@gmail.com
Website: shawnrapley.com
Facebook: Elect Shawn Rapley for town council
Kerry-Lee SchultheisEmail: kerryleeforbanffcouncil@gmail.com
Mark WalkerEmail: walker.banff@gmail.com
Website: www.themarkwalker.ca
Facebook: Mark Walker for Banff Council 
Lesley Young

Phone: 403.763.7871
Email: lesteroct21@gmail.com

Election Office
Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear Street
Returning Officer: Libbey McDougall
Phone: 403.762.1209, email: Municipal.Clerk@banff.ca 

Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association 
Candidates Forum & Mayoral Debate

Recording of Oct. 13 forum: 
Passcode: D$%m25&q