For Candidates

TOB_Candidate.jpgLearn about candidate nominations, fundraising, campaign activities, workers and disclosures.

 You can run as a candidate for Mayor or Councillor.  Nomination papers for the October 18, 2021 Election must be filed with the Returning Officer between January 4 and September 20, 2021, at noon.  Nomination papers can be filed in person by appointment. To book an appointment, please email or call 403-762-1209. 

Electors will be voting for one Mayor and six Town Councillors.

Become a Candidate

Check eligibility requirements and get nomination forms. 

Campaign Finances

Know the rules for campaign contributions and expenses.

During Your Campaign

Learn the do's and don'ts during the campaign period. 

Canvassing During COVID-19

Links to where to find provincial health measurers and guidance documents.

Election Sign Guidelines

Rules governing the posting of election signs. 

Election Day for Candidates

What candidates can expect on Election Day. 

Candidate Resources

Legislation, bylaws, and other helpful resources.

Role of Scrutineers

Learn more about the role of scrutineers.


Contact the Returning Officer, Libbey McDougall, via email or by phone at 403-762-1209.

Election Office
Banff Town Hall
110 Bear Street
Box 1260, Alberta Canada,
T1L 1A1

Note: The information on this website is provided for the convenience of reference only. Candidates are subject to further requirements in the Local Authorities Election Act. Candidates are advised to refer to the LAEA and obtain legal advice regarding the full extent of their obligations.