Designated Heritage Resources

The Historical Resources Act empowers the Town of Banff to formally recognize and legally protect heritage resources of local significance through designation as Municipal Historic Resources.

If you are interested in designating a property, please refer to Current Heritage Applications.

The following properties are protected by municipal bylaws:

 Municipal Historic Resource

Year Built
Property Type
Municipal Bylaw
Harmony LaneHarmony Lane1917Commercial200 (PDF)
luxton residence.pngLuxton Residence1905Residential209 (PDF)
beaver lodge.pngBeaver Lodge1913Residential210 (PDF)
tanglewood.pngTanglewood1887Residential211 (PDF)
dave white block.jpgDave White Block1908 to 1913Commercial217 (PDF)
tarry a while.jpgTarry-a-while
(Schäffer-Warren Residence)
1911Residential218 (PDF)
masonic lodge.jpgMasonic Lodge
(Cascade Hall)
1924Institutional232 (PDF)
crosby.jpgCrosby Residence
1913Residential245 (PDF)
crandell peck cabin.jpgCrandell/Peck Cabin1907Residential290 (PDF)
st georges in the pines.pngSt. George-in-the-Pines1887Institutional315 (PDF)
bow river bridge.pngBow River Bridge1923Institutional372 (PDF)
power station.pngBanff Power Substation1905Industrial373 (PDF)
old banff cemetery.pngOld Banff Cemetery1890Institutional374 (PDF)
MacKenzie ResidenceMacKenzie Residence1945Residential418 (PDF)
Whyte ResidencePeter and Catharine Robb Whyte Residence
375 (PDF)

Municipally designated historic resources are also listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places. For more information about the Town of Banff's designation program see the Banff Heritage Resource Policy (PDF).