Commercial Rebates

Businesses can take advantage of rebates and incentives offered by the Town to Banff to improve the environmental efficiency of commercial properties.

How to Apply

  • Download and complete this fillable PDF form for any of the rebates offered below. Save the form and email to 

Commercial Rebate Application Form

Dual flush toilet

  • 3.0 LPF/6.0 LPF or less. Lesser of $50/toilet or 50% of cost

Low-flow toilet     

  • 4.8 LPF or less. Lesser of $50/toilet or 50% of cost


  • Energy Star Most Efficient, or CEE Tier 3+.    $150/unit


  • Energy Star Most Efficient, or CEE Tier 3+. $300/unit

Electric Hand Dryer

  • Electric Hand Dryer $100/unit

Door replacement

  • Energy Star certified. $100/unit

Window replacement     

  • Energy Star certified. $100/unit
  • Energy Star Most Efficient. $200/unit

Energy audit OR greenhouse gas inventory      

  • Reports must be submitted to the Town for review prior to rebate payout. Lesser of $5,000 or 1/3rd of cost

E-bike rebate 

  • Buy when you are ready. There is no funding limit or deadline.
  • Receipts must be dated January 16, 2023, or later.
  • Debit/credit transaction receipts are required for in-store purchases. Dealer invoices stamped 'PAID' do not constitute adequate proof of purchase.
  • Must have operable pedals and comply with current provincial regulations, including max power = 500 W, max speed 32 km/h (20 mph).
  • Maximum two (2) e-bikes per business.
  • Bikes with a pre-tax purchase price >$5,000 not eligible.

Lesser of 25% or $500/bike (maximum of $1000 per business)


To be eligible for some rebates, the energy efficiency of a specific product must be certified under either the Energy Star or CEE program.  These certifications are typically listed in the specifications for individual products.  Rebate applications are limited to items purchased in the current or previous calendar year, unless otherwise defined for a specific rebate.

For additional information on what products are eligible, please consult the product lists provided at the following web sites: 

Energy Star Products:

CEE Products:

Funding Available from Other Levels of Government

Are you looking to decrease operating costs and reduce emissions?

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has funding opportunities that can significantly lower the cost of investments in energy efficiency measures. Any private business that receives less than 50% of it’s annual revenue from a public authority qualifies for the program to improve a facility located in Alberta.

If you’re interested, visit