Community Art Committee

The Banff Community Art Committee advises Council on opportunities to acquire and place public art throughout the town.

Recruitment Profile


The Community Art Committee is responsible for advising Council on matters pertaining to public art in the Town of Banff. This includes making recommendations on the content of the Municipal Public Art Program and providing expert guidance and advice with respect to creation, acquisition and installation of public art to various stakeholders and interested persons including land developers, public agencies and community groups.


2.1 As per the Community Art Committee Terms of Reference, the Committee consists of seven (7) members:

  • Six (6) public members; and
  • One (1) councillor.

2.2 Residents of Banff.

2.3 Residents 18 years of age or older.


3.1 Non-resident of Banff

3.2 Residents less than 18 years of age

3.3 Residents active on other Town of Banff boards and committees.

3.4 Town of Banff employees, except those specifically allowed by the Land Use Bylaw.


4.1 At least four of the seven public members should have experience in one or more of the following professions:

  1. Artists
  2. Art Educators
  3. Arts Administrators/Consultants
  4. Cultural Resource Management
  5. Curators
  6. Art Historians
  7. Architects, Landscape Architects and Graphic Design Professionals
  8. Conservators
  9. Business or Industry

4.2 Council may ensure that the board collectively has experience in (commerce, finance, arts administration and the tourism industry). Preference may be given to include representation from The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies and The Banff Centre;

4.3 Broad knowledge of the community

4.4 Strong interest, passion and support for community art.

4.5 Willingness to act as a champion for public art and key communicator in the promotion of public art.

4.6 Clear understanding of governance board principles and willingness to work within a governance structure.

4.7 Financial literacy and experience in grant administration, fund development, strategic planning and budgeting.

4.8 Previous board experience and ability to multi-task, organize and prioritize tasks.

4.9 A commitment to making Banff the best it can be for its citizens.

4.10 Previous board experience.

4.11 A strong public service orientation.

4.12 Integrity and high ethical standards.

4.13 Communication/interpersonal skills to facilitate discussion.

4.14 Effective listener.

4.15 Strong analytical skills.

4.16 Strategic and critical thinking skills.

4.17 Strong decision making skills.


5.1 Board meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of every other month at 4:00 p.m. The committee meets for approximately two hours, based on the work requirements.

5.2 Work meetings may be called by the Chairperson of the Board.

5.3 Preparation time for meetings.

5.4 Representation at Council meetings as required.

5.5 Additional advocacy at community and public art program events and initiatives as required.

6.0 TERM

6.1 Public members serve three year terms.

6.2 Members can serve two consecutive terms to a maximum of six (6) years.


7.1 Orientation by Planning and Development staff.

7.2 Conferences/seminars/courses and depending upon budget.

7.3 Ongoing Planning and Development staff support/liaison.


8.1 Understand and demonstrate a commitment to the board’s mandate and programs.

8.2 Prepare for meetings by reading agendas, minutes reports and other documentation required to actively participate in them.

8.3 Attend meetings regularly.

8.4 Contribute skills and knowledge by participating actively in meetings and committee work.

8.5 Make inquiries when clarification or more information is needed.

8.6 Understand and monitor the board’s financial affairs.

8.7 Avoid any potential conflicts of interests.

8.8 Understand and maintain confidentiality.

8.9 Ensure the board is complying with all statutory and legislative requirements.


9.1 Voluntary role. Service on the Town of Banff Public Art Committee is without remuneration.

Public Art in Banff

Learn more about current and past work involving the Community Art Committee, including details about the Town of Banff’s public art collection.

Meeting Schedule

For time and date of the next committee meeting, please email Emma Sanborn

Derek BeaulieuPublic Member
Elise FindlayPublic Member
D.L. CameronPublic Member
Charlene Quantz-WoldPublic Member
Sebastian HutchingsPublic Member
Connor GravellePublic Member
Corrie DiMannoCouncil Representative
Emma SanbornTown of Banff liaison