Professional Development

Several Public Works Employees Installing a Line UndergroundThe Town of Banff offers professional training plans suited to our employees' career goals. We foster an environment that allows the individual to grow in their career and aspirations.

We offer a variety of training opportunities for employees, including on-the-job training, formal training, mentoring, assignments and projects which help our employees attain the next step in their career paths.

Some forms of training we provide are:

  • Formal Training – Internal or external training programs.
  • Self-Directed Training – Schedule adjustments to attend formal courses, as well as access to town-managed tools and equipment for the purpose of education.
  • Personal /Professional Development – Expands on professional skills, such as: leadership, dealing with conflict, time management, empathy, one-on-one/team coaching, etc.
  • Cross-Training/Job Shadowing – Expands skill sets and can create an increased resource of cross-functional employees, while building relationships and learning across the organization.
  • External Resources – Enrollment in industry memberships and web-subscriptions to industry related sites that maintain or enhance levels of current practices.
  • Mentoring – Formal or informal meetings and/or coaching from a supervisor or manager, providing direction, support and advice on steps to achieve a desired career goal.
  • Assignments / Projects: Access to short term tasks that expand or enrich the understanding of the current or next position, such as: learning an application, completing a schedule, developing a procedure, chairing a meeting, representing the department on a committee, etc.