Assessment Complaints

You may make a complaint about any of the information contained in your assessment notice. If you think your assessment is not accurate, check with us first at 403.762.1230. If we have made a simple error, we will correct it immediately.

Review your assessment in comparison to what your property would likely have sold for on July 1 of the previous year. If you think the assessment is too high:

  • Get a second opinion, in writing, from an appraiser or realtor who has knowledge of the Banff market.
  • Arrange for a meeting with the Town of Banff assessor by telephoning 403.762.1230.
  • Note: Corrections to an assessment can only be made within 60 days of the mailing of the notice.

If you don't reach a resolution using the above process, file an assessment complaint.

Filing a Complaint

Complete the Assessment Review Board Complaint (PDF) and send it with the complaint fee, to:

Town of Banff
Attention: Assessment Review Board Clerk
Box 1260
Banff, AB T1L 1A1

Your complaint and complaint fee must arrive at Town Hall no later than 60 days after the assessment notice was mailed.
In 2022, the deadline is April 5.

Complaint Fees

The fee for filing a complaint is:
Single Family Residential - $50 per appeal
Multi-Family Residential (more than three units) - $650 per appeal
Non-Residential (Commercial) - $650 per appeal

Your complaint fee will be refunded if your complaint is found to be valid.

How Complaints are Decided

Complaints are heard by an Assessment Review Board appointed by Council. You or your agent will be asked to present the reasons you believe your assessment is incorrect. The Town of Banff appraiser will also present information.

If you wish to be represented by an agent (an agent is a person who will represent you for a fee), please return the following form with your Assessment Review Board Complaint: Assessment Review Board Agent Authorization ( PDF)

The Assessment Review Board has the power to lower, raise or confirm your assessment based on the arguments presented. A written copy of the decision will be mailed to you.

What if I don't agree with the decision of the Assessment Review Board? 

If you disagree with the Board's decision, you may appeal to the Court's Bench. This appeal must be made in writing within 30 days of the mailing date of the Notice of Decision by the Assessment Review Board.