Crandell Cabin

Landmarks and Legends Series - February 2008


The Crandell Cabin circa 1937This modest cabin, located on the corner of Buffalo and Otter streets, was originally built in 1907 as a summer residence and rental property for a real estate agent from Calgary named Edward Henry Crandell.

The design of the 350 square foot cabin is influenced by the Folk House aesthetic. It is characteristically simple in form, and includes features such as a hipped roof and two gabled dormers. Interestingly, the vertical corner posts of the cabin are unique to the Rocky Mountain region, and were likely an early design element that has since become part of Banff's long-standing architectural tradition.

Foreshadowing the green building principles of today, the cabin was built almost entirely of locally-sourced materials. These include lumber from native tree species; and stone (both river and Rundle), used in the construction of an interior fireplace, as well as for landscaping around the site.

Evidence of yellowing on the logs used for the walls suggests that they may have been originally treated with linseed oil, a natural preservative and moisture protector derived from flax seed.


The Crandell Cabin circa 2007In 2007, Wilder and Davis Luthiers Inc. of Montreal purchased the 100-year old cabin on the corner of Buffalo and Otter Streets. Their intention is to restore the original log structure and construct a sympathetic addition on its north side.

Wilder and Davis eventually plan to establish a residence and violin workshop in the cabin, to service musicians who live in Banff, as well as those visiting the Banff Centre.

The Banff Heritage Corporation continues to work with the cabin owner to ensure that conservation efforts respect the heritage integrity of the original structure.

In partnership with the Archives at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, the Banff Heritage Corporation is proud to profile this significant heritage resource as part of its Landmarks and Legends Series.

In recognition of the knowledge of Banff's history within the community, we welcome public input that may provide further insight into this or other profiles in the Landmarks and Legends series. 

Photo Credits:
1 - The Crandell Cabin, circa 1937
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (V4881/Block 4, Lot 1- Parks Canada Fonds)
2 - The Crandell Cabin, circa 2007, Bill Marsh Photography