Request a Parking Ticket Review

Sample TicketIf you were issued a parking notice of offence from the Town of Banff, you may request an administrative review to have it cancelled. When you request a review, an administrator investigates the notice of offence to determine if an error was made when it was issued and whether it can be withdrawn. An administrative review must be requested within 14 days from when your ticket was issued.

Please note:

  • Municipal Enforcement may not withdraw parking tickets on the basis of compassionate reasons or on the basis of mitigating circumstances.  If an appeal is based on compassionate or mitigating circumstances, the matter must be heard by the Provincial Court. Learn more about this process.

Already submitted?  Inquire about the status of your administrative review by emailing or by calling 403.762.1218.

Request an Administrative Review Online

 When submitting an Administrative Review that includes credit card information to prove a purchase, please do not submit your full credit card information.  In order to verify a payment we only require the first 4 and last 4 digits of your credit card number. 

Please note you cannot submit a review for the following reasons:

  • I only parked in the location for a short time
  • Other cars were parked there
  • There was nowhere else to park
  • I did not know that I could not park there
  • I did not see the sign/fire hydrant
  • I cannot afford to pay the fine
  • I have never had a ticket before
  • I am not from Banff
  • I was in a hurry/late