Non-Residential Waste Utility Fees

Commercial Waste Services

One of the Town of Banff’s waste diversion goals is to make recycling more convenient for all sectors. The Town of Banff invites the non-residential sector to take advantage of the following new convenient recycling options: 

Transfer site rates reduced

It’s now free for the non-residential sector to self-haul mixed paper, along with plastic and metal containers to the transfer site for recycling.   

Waste bylaw amendment

The waste bylaw has been amended to allow the non-residential sector to use residential recycling bins to deposit mixed paper, plastic, metal and glass containers. Please note that placing cardboard, garbage, and food waste in residential bins is still prohibited, as there is already a convenient collection service in place for these materials. 

Controlling your costs

Having a bin of garbage collected every day is the most expensive service. Cardboard and food waste collection costs less.

There is a fee charged for each pick-up and a fee for each bin emptied during that stop. The fees are structured this way to reflect the true labour costs of collecting waste. If a property requires fewer stops, then the Town’s costs decrease. These savings are then passed on directly to the property owner.

Property owners get to select the number and size of bins they need, and the schedule for pick-up. Owners can change their service level four times a year to accommodate seasonal changes or successful waste reduction initiatives.