Sidewalk Seating Permits

Sidewalk CafeSidewalk seating provides animation, vibrancy and – when designed appropriately – contributes to positive visitor experiences in Banff.

To encourage sidewalk cafes while also respecting urban design principles, the Town of Banff follows the Sidewalk Seating/Café Policy C7005 (PDF). This policy outlines the criteria for the establishment of restaurant seating within the public realm.

In order to qualify for Banff's Sidewalk Seating Program, applicants must:

  • have Eating and Drinking Establishment or Grocery Store approval,
  • have Business Frontage at grade,
  • be located in the CD Commercial Downtown Land Use District; and,
  • be able to demonstrate the sidewalk can accommodate restaurant seating and maintain required Pedestrian Zones as described by Council policy.

To complete a Sidewalk Seating Application, the following is required:

  • Completed Sidewalk Seating Application Form
  • A Sidewalk Furniture Plan (Scale 1:100)
  • Furniture Specifications and Furniture Photographs
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Application Fee

The fees for Sidewalk Seating can be found in Schedule O of the Fees and Charges Bylaw (PDF) and are based on the level of service provided.