Renewing / Changing a Business License

Renewing a License
If you hold a valid license on December 31, the Town of Banff assumes you are renewing your license and will send you an invoice at the beginning of the new year. All businesses, except for hotels and bed and breakfasts, are invoiced in January of each year.

Hotels, bed and breakfast homes and bed and breakfast inns are invoiced four times per year, in March, June, September and December.

Business license renewal fees are due 30 days after the date the bills are mailed. Outstanding balances are subject to monthly interest charges.

IMPORTANT: Please notify Business Licensing as soon as possible if you no longer require a business license.

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Changing a License
You need to inform the Town of Banff, in writing, if you make any of the following changes:

  • Transfer to another owner
  • Change of business name
  • Change of business location
  • Change to the nature of the business
  • Addition to the existing business

Some changes may require approval from the Town of Banff. If you are transferring a business to a new owner, you can download, complete and return the following forms:

Contact the Business License Assistant via email or by phone at 403.985.9016 for further information.

New Businesses
Apply for a Business License online and browse the business license fee schedule.