Business License Exemptions and Fee Reductions

A Business License is Not Required:

  • To operate a business exempt from licensing under federal or provincial statutes. For example, physicians and lawyers do not require business licenses to set up a practice.
  • For a craft sale, a rummage sale, a flea market or a residential garage sale, as long as the sale is less than seven consecutive days.
  • To operate a registered charitable or non-profit organization, or a licensed family day home.
  • For a non-resident business to deliver goods in the town, as long as those goods were purchased from a place or business outside the town.

Fee Reductions:

  • Banff Resident Businesses whose gross annual revenue is less than $30,000 per calendar year may be eligible for a fee reduction. To claim this discount, you will need to sign the statutory declaration on the business license application form.
  • Businesses that start operating during the calendar year will have their license fee prorated based on the quarter operation begins.
  • Businesses that are closed for a renovation requiring a development permit may be eligible for a discount based on the amount of time the business is closed.


  • Business license fees are non-refundable.
  • Refunds will not be issued to a business that discontinues operation before December 31.

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