Assessment Review Board

The Assessment Review Board (ARB) reviews and rules on appeals of property assessments. The board has the power to lower, raise or confirm your property assessment based on the arguments presented. ARB hearings are scheduled when appeals are received. For more information about the process, visit Assessment Complaints.


 Barbara McNeil Public Member
 Grant Canning Council Representative
 Peter Poole Council Representative
 Brian Standish Council Representative

Local Assessment Review Board

The Local Assessment Review Board (LARB) hears complaints about assessments for residential properties with three or fewer dwelling units. The LARB sits in panels of three to hear assessment complains. Any three of the five local members currently acting as board members may be selected to hear a specific complaint.

Composite Assessment Review Board

The Composite Assessment Review Board (CARB) hears complaints about assessments for commercial properties and for residential properties with more than three dwelling units.

The CARB also sits in panels of three. The panels are made up of any two of the five local members currently acting as board members along with a member appointed by the provincial government.

One-Member Boards

Some complaints can be heard by one-member LARB or CARB. Examples include:

  • A complaint about anything on an assessment notice other than the assessment itself;
  • A procedural matter (for example, expansion of time limits or scheduling of a hearing)

Assessment Review Board hearings are scheduled when appeals are received, visit Assessment Complaints for more information. 

Apply to be a member of the Assessment Review Board

Applications are due October 4, 2019, at 4:30 p.m.

Recruitment Profile

1.0    MANDATE

The Assessment Review Boards are quasi-judicial bodies that hear and decide complaints against the assessment of any property, business or local improvement in the Town of Banff.  


2.1    Residents of Banff.
2.2    Residents 18 years of age or older. 


3.1    Residents active on other Town of Banff boards and committees.
3.2    Town of Banff employees.


4.1    Expertise in one of the following areas and/or have served on public committees or quasi-judicial boards:

i)    law
ii)    assessment
iii)    real estate
iv)    property management
v)    property development
vi)    property appraisal.

4.2    The ability to consider appeals based on facts and governing legislation, using good analytical skills without bias.
4.3    Clear understanding of governance board principles, administrative procedures, and a willingness to work within a governance structure.
4.4    An understanding of principles of administrative law and natural justice.
4.5    The ability to write, in plain language, the decision and reasons for the decision.
4.6    The ability to speak in public and communicate effectively with parties to the appeal.


5.1    Hearings are held during business hours as required.
5.2    ARB training program – 4 days.
5.3    Member refresher course every three years – 2 days.

6.0    TERM

6.1     Public members serve four year terms.
6.2    There is no maximum number of years a member may serve; however the member must apply for reappointment at the completion of their term.

7.0    TRAINING  

7.1     ARB members must successfully complete a training program set or approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.  This course is taken by members after they have been appointed to the board.
7.2    ARB members reappointed after 3 years must successfully complete the member refresher course approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.


8.1    As directed in the Committees Honorarium Bylaw.

Training Day
Board Member: $250 plus mileage
Chairperson: $250 plus mileage

LARB or CARB – 0 to 4 hours
Board Member: $150
Chairperson: $200

LARB or CARB – over 4 hours
Board Member: $250
Chairperson: $325