Major Projects

The Town's goal is to plan, provide and reinvest in the infrastructure that meets future needs of residents and visitors. Infrastructure includes water and sanitary pipes, storm water pipes, roads, sidewalks, trails and pathways, parks and forests, and facilities. As a global tourism destination, and a national park community, we must build and maintain infrastructure that meets the highest environmental standards. Don't see a project? It may be a Parks Canada construction project.

Capital Project Update – Q4 2019


Banff Elementary School Partnership

Project description & goals: Partnership with Canadian Rockies Public Schools to incorporate space in phase 2 of the Banff Elementary school redevelopment for Out–of–School Club and an expanded gymnasium to better suit the needs of the community.

Current Status: Partnership with CRPS has been collaborative and productive. Demolition of the old school is nearing completion, construction of the playground facilities and final landscaping will continue through to Spring 2020. The Town has completed construction of complimentary upgrades – sidewalks, landscaping, roadway rehabilitation and formalized curb and gutter/parking to Bighorn and Moose Sts. 

Elementary School Gym Concept Image
Sidewalk by the Elementary School
Elementary School Under Construction
Sidewalk by the Elementary School

Buildings Lifecycle Maintenance

Project description & goals: Scheduled maintenance and capital replacements for facilities

Current Status:

  • Library
    • interior paint. Completed
    • 101 Bear Street
    • replace main doors upper storey. Completed
    • Ext. Paint Completed Q3
  • Day Care
    • Shingle replacement- Complete
    • Interior paint- Completed
    • Exterior paint- moved to 2020
    • Upgrade HVAC system. Engineering phase in process construction completion Q4 2019
  • 449 Cougar St.
    • exterior paint- Completed
  • Fire Hall
    • Replace cedar shingles-Completed
    • Exterior renovation & paint- Completed
    • Recycle Fence replacement Completed Q3
  • 552 Banff Ave.
    • exterior paint-Completed
    • Replace all railings and deck coverings Moved to 2020
    • Replace hall carpet Completed Q3
  • Town Hall
    • Shingles - completed Q3
    • Attic Ventilation - scheduled Q4
    • Kitchen renovations- Scheduled Q4
    • Parkade plumbing-Completed Q3
  • Operations Office
    • Structural Assessment-Completed Q3
  • Fleet Services
    • Access Door Control Hardware Scheduled Q4
  • Compound Main. Bldg.
    • Replace Overhead unit, exhaust chimneys & stacks-Completed Q3
    • Roof inspection-Completed Q3
  • Wolf St Washroom
    • Roof Drain Repair/ South Side Fascia-Completed Q3
  • Norquay Shelter
    • Sheeting and Shingles replacement Completed Q2
  • Gazebo
    • Shingles replacement - Completed Q3
    • Electrical & lighting upgrades - scheduled Q4
  • 221 Beaver
    • Back Fence Completed Q3
    • replace small decks, landings Moved to 2020

Cave Ave Housing

Project description & goals: 6 lots on Cave Ave have been earmarked for the development of perpetually affordable rental accommodation. TOB negotiated the release of lots 145-155 Cave Ave with Parks Canada based on specific criteria for release, with the intent the BHC will manage and own the property post construction completion.

Current Status: Preliminary site analysis and geotechnical work has been completed, resident survey has been completed to determine potential interest in types of units and from a neighbourhood perspective. In July 2019, Council directed administration to proceed with a housing project on Banff Ave first, all work on the Cave Ave project will be postponed to a later date

Fenlands Lifecycle Maintenance

Project description & goals: the inspection, testing, service, repair or replacement of The Fenlands mechanical and structural envelope to ensure life expectancy is met.

Current Status:

  • Arena Lobby HVAC: Installation of air exchanger for hockey arena lobby complete
  • Painting/Staining Exterior/Interior Walls- In progress
  • Show power- Complete
  • Arena & Curling entrance overlay complete
  • Arena 2 benches refurbish-Completed
  • SCBA replacement-Complete
  • Bio-swale on going 80% completed

Projects for 2019:

  • Roof Inspection Completed Q3
  • Painting interior Arena Completed Q3
  • Curling rink lighting upgrade Moved to 2020
  • Arena 1 side dressing room benches Completed Q2
  • Perimeter fencing Completed Q3
  • Ice plant Completed Q3

Fire Hall Curb Adjustment

Project description & goals: Adjust the landscaping pod and widen the fire hall driveway to improve access and egress for the fire departments no platform truck.

Current Status: Construction is substantially complete, a small patch of asphalt paving and installation of a bench in the landscape pod is all that remains to complete on Oct 2019.

Fleet Transit Building – Fire Alarm

Project description & goals: Installation of an audible alarm system that can be heard over work noise.

Current Status: Project Completed

Operations Building Space Analysis & Redesign

Project description & goals: a needs assessment, in collaboration with a consultant, to redesign and maximize the space available in the operations buildings (main building, transit building, fire hall and The Fenlands) and deliver comprehensive floor plans with associated renovation costs

Current Status: ongoing, expected to be Completed in Q4

Town Hall Modernization

Project description & goals: Due to changes in the service delivery as well as the demographics of Banff since the development of Town Hall, the reception area and how we interact with customers is in need of functional changes. This project involves:

  • Increase the efficiency of the available space
  • Increase the sense of welcoming
  • Increase visibility of Town services (Community Services)
  • Additional space for interaction with the public.

Current Status: Substantial Completion was issued to the contractor in May 2019, with a couple of minor deficiencies still to be completed.

Waste Transfer Station Solar PV

Project description & goals: Install an 80 kW solar PV array on the roof of the Waste Transfer Station in the operations compound. Will offset 40%+ of the building’s annual electricity consumption.

Current Status: Project is fully approved by Council.  Tender process is complete. A winning installer has been selected, but the project will not be awarded until a funding agreement is finalized (otherwise the solar project will not be eligible for reimbursement).


70 Congregate Lodging Cots & Pads

Project description & goals: to purchase congregate lodging cots and pad for Emergency Social Services.

Current Status: Project complete

Breathing Apparatus Filling Station Replacement

Project description & goals: replacement of self-contained breathing apparatus filling station.

Current Status: Project complete

Breathing Apparatus Filling Station

Bunker Gear

Project description & goals: Purchase of 8 sets of bunker gear for 2017 recruit class.

Current Status: Project complete

Extraction tools (Jaws of Life) Replacement

Project description & goals: replacement of hydraulic vehicle extrication tools.

Current Status: tools have been ordered and anticipate delivery mid-November.

Fire vehicle replacement

Project description & goals: Lifecycle replacement of 25-year-old aerial truck

Current Status: Platform apparatus in service since March 2019.

New Fire Truck

Pager Replacement

Project description & goals: to purchase 34 pagers on a five year lifecycle replacement schedule. The pagers are the primary mode of calling out fire department members in an emergency.

Current Status: project complete.

Type 5 wildfire pick-up truck kits

Project description & goals: to purchase six (6) type 5 slip in Wildland Urban Interface pumping units. These units consist of 150 gal tank, pump, 200 foot hose reel and associated equipment for pump and run tactics to extinguish small fires started by fire embers landing in the community.

Current Status: project complete

Update Structural Protection Trailer

Project description & goals: to replace 2005 structure protection trailer with two update trailer increasing capability and capacity.

Current Status: project substantially complete with some equipment on order. Expected completion in winter of 2020.

Structural Protection Trailer


Water Tank Kit - Urban Forest

Project description & goals: New water tank for hook lift truck 149/Municipal park operations

Current Status: Complete.

Dual Purpose Snow and Turf Unit

Project description & goals: New unit

Current Status: Unit ordered and expecting delivery in 3 weeks. Please see below in vehicle replacement

Fleet Management – Vehicle Replacement

Project description & goals: Fleet Equipment replacement to align with Maximizing Life Cycle effectiveness, Amended Green Fleet Policy C6000 & Equipment Task Right Sizing.

Current Status: 5 units (Vehicles and motorized equipment) were replaced to date in 2019 with an additional 3 purchases to be completed by end of year. All 5 units to date were electric vehicles replacing gasoline or diesel units. The 3 units to be purchased or replaced in the 4th quarter are

  • a dual purpose four season cab forward turf tractor for municipal parks (part of sidewalk snow removal and the consolidation of having to replace unit 37 (which is only used for summer operations currently))
  • a crane truck to replace existing unit 78 (1994) and
  • a new street sweeper to replace the existing one ((unit 43 a 2004) new unit will have one engine instead of two and all emissions will go through the trucks catalytic converter and exhaust treatment system).

Small Equipment

Project description & goals: purchase of miscellaneous small equipment

Current Status:

  • Water tank – For crane truck will be purchased spring of 2020.
  • Iron metal fabricator is scheduled to be purchased 4th qtr 2019 or 1st qtr 2020.

Banff Recreation Grounds

Project description & goals: Design and construction of projects identified in the Recreation Grounds Master Plan.

Current Status

Completed Projects:

  • North playground (2019)
  • North parking lot repairs (2019)
  • Norquay, Little Bow and Protection Shelter repairs (2019)
  • Ball diamond fencing (2018)
  • Trail to greenhouse (2018)
  • South parking lot (2018)
  • Picnic table upgrades (2017)
  • Removal of mountain bike features (2017)
  • Skatepark (2017)
  • Topographical site survey complete (2017)
Rec Grounds

Projects in Progress:

  • Multi-purpose building – geotechnical investigation complete. Design to begin in 2020.
  • Ball diamond irrigation and regrading – to be completed in conjunction with the sports field improvements. Update at service review.
  • Horse trail project
  • Dog park project
  • Maintenance yard project - internal working group finalizing the maintenance yard design and work is expected to commence in the spring of 2020.
  • Landscaping and trail work – upon concept update approvals, trail work and tree planting can commence in areas that will not be impacted by future site improvements (i.e. site fencings).

Bike Racks Program

Project description & goals: This project supports council’s priorities of transportation, trails, recreation and environment by creating approximately 180 net new bike parking stalls in key areas, mainly in downtown and at major trail connections, in 2016 and 2017.

Current Status: Complete

  • 94 bike parking stalls were added in 2016.
  • 190 stalls were added in 2017.
  • 40 stalls were added in 2018.

The original project goal was exceeded by 140 for total added capacity of 320, under budget. Demand for further increases in capacity exists in additional locations and project savings of $36,000 will be directed towards additional racks (16 bicycle capacity in private cage in Bear St parkade basement, additional capacity along Town Hall back alley / parking lot, and other locations where demand grows).

Bow Falls Viewpoint – Upgrade & Rehab

Project description & goals: Improve Bow Falls Viewpoint by formalizing and re-surfacing trails and viewing areas, installing fencing to protect existing vegetation, constructing a new viewing platform and installing washrooms.

Current Status: Preliminary design work is complete along with a visitor survey. The project was moved to No Year Identified in the 2019 budget process.

Cabin Relocation/Restoration Project

Project description & goals: the moving and renovation of the Rundle Campground Building #2 to service the Into the Wild and other nature based programs. Sports field users to be provided with storage bins for current gear.

Current Status: Building condition assessment, tender documentation drafted and IFT foundation drawings complete. Construction planned for late fall or early spring.

Central Park Pedestrian Crossing

Project description & goals: Construction of a pedestrian bridge connecting Central Park with the Rec grounds 

Current Status: Awaiting confirmation of a combined total of $4.5M in potential funding from Provincial and Federal funding sources.

Columbarium & Memorial Garden

Project description & goals: The development and installation of a columbaria, scattering garden and memorial wall at 606 Buffalo Street on Town-owned lands, outside of the Old Banff Cemetery. Both the adjacent Old Banff Cemetery and the Transformer Substation are protected municipal heritage resources and require some special considerations.

Current Status: In June of 2019, Council was presented with proposed design and pricing options for the building and surrounding lands. Council directed administration to return at service review with a capital request.

Community Greenhouse #2

Project description & goals: Design and construction of a deep water line and foundation in 2018 to host a new greenhouse structure to be installed in 2019.

Current Status: Complete. Doors for the greenhouse have been ordered and are set for install in the coming month.

New Greenhouse

Cemetery Software

Project description & goals: Upgrade obsolete operating system which assists with regulatory cemetery records and information.

Current Status: Project delays due to supplier organizational structure changes; expect to be completed by year end 2019, awaiting contract finalization and implementation.

Gazebo Driveway replacement

Project description & goals: To replace broken and sunken turf stone and hard surface around the gazebo.

Current Status: The turf stone has been replaced, the hard surface around the Gazebo will be replaced in 2020 where required.

Gazebo Driveway Replacement
Gazebo Driveway Replacement
Gazebo Driveway Replacement

Legacy Trail – Banff Avenue Connection

Project description & goals: Provide a safe, protected cycling experience from the west end of the Banff Avenue Legacy trail into Banff.

Current Status: Proposed alignment is in line with industry best practice to ensure the safety of cyclists, pedestrians, Roam users and drivers. Application for project funding support has been made to Trans Canada Trail. An opportunity arose to coordinate the design and construction of the Legacy Trail with the offsite improvements for the development of the Inns of Banff which resulted in improved trail alignment and reduced impact to road and trail users. The project received from Trans Canada Trail for 35% of project costs. The construction is planned to be completed in November 2019, with landscaping to be completed spring 2020.

Legacy Trail Connection
Legacy Trail Connection

Mountain view Cemetery Roadway Improvement

Project description & goals: To repair damaged curbs and remove excess vegetation and regrade and level driving surfaces.

Current Status: The project has been delayed by early snow and may be postponed until 2020.

Norquay Road Trail

Project description & goals: better provide for pedestrians and cyclist Fenlands users – dedicated trail that can be winter maintained

Current Status: The construction is planned to be completed fall 2019.

Norquay Road Trail

Trails Improvements

Project description & goals: Implement the recommendations identified in the Trails Master Plan.

Current Status

  • Projects completed in 2019:
    • Build a multi-use trail connection from the intersection of Lynx Street and Bear Street through to Bow Avenue and the Bow River Trail via Whyte Museum grounds, include wayfinding signage.
    • Build improved trail connections to the Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre (in conjunction with separate capital project budget)
    • Build Legacy Trail connection from its current end to Marmot Crescent (in conjunction with separate capital project budget)
    • Trail counters were added Central Park in the potential future location of the pedestrian bridge and at the railway crossing close to Marmot Crescent
  • Projects where the scope is being defined and/or where design is in progress:
    • Upgrade the trail along Bow Falls Road from Rundle Avenue to Bow Falls to Trail Type 2; new roadside or rebuild trail used by horses
    • Upgrade the Bow River Trail (north side) from the pedestrian bridge to Wolf Street to Type 1
    • Trail lighting from pedestrian bridge to both Glen Ave and Buffalo St (in conjunction with separate capital project budget)
    • Design and cost CPR grade separated crossing to Industrial Compound
    • Complete design of improved active modes conditions to the Banff Centre via St. Julien Road. (in conjunction with separate 2021 capital project budget)
    • Add “Bike n’ Walk” stations (add new or expand bike racks).
    • Identify priority streets for active modes improvements.
    • Add trail counters
    • Design and install trail signage for nearest public washrooms, informal routes
    • Research potential policy and infrastructure changes for skateboards, winter cycling
Trail at the Whyte Museum

Trail Lighting Projects

Project description & goals: Provide lighting in line with the Trials Lighting Policy to the sections of trail located to the North and South of the Pedestrian Bridge, as well as to the Legion.

Current Status: Design is 50% completed. The construction may be coordinated with the upgrades to the Bow River Trail, see Trails Improvements.

Water Bottle Filling Stations

Project description & goals: Installation of 4 free-standing water bottle fill stations in downtown area along Banff Ave.

Current Status: Three stations have been installed, a fourth station will be installed in Bear St. to coincide with its upcoming reconstruction in 2020.


Comprehensive off–street smart parking system

Project description & goals: Installation of a smart parking system to help guide drivers to available parking stalls.

Current Status: Real time parking stall monitoring was installed in nine lots from 2015 to 2017. Local signage is provided by the lots and real time data is available on the traffic dashboard. Accuracy issues were identified in small lots with high stall turnover – where a 1% miscount of several thousand vehicles per day can compound to lot-count inaccuracies to a scale greater than 10% of the number of stalls. Tail-gating and cyclist/motorcycle/trailer-use of the lots also tends to exacerbate inaccuracy issues with the gate-counter technology implemented. The IT department has been pioneering the use of alternative technology to resolve the issues. These technologies include:

  • overhead cameras with digital counting algorithms to monitor individual stall occupancy, has been installed in the Town hall lot and has proven to be meet accuracy goals while providing a number of data analytics options.
  • A Licence Plate Recognition system – similar to the one trialed at Ti’Nu – is currently being tested for the Train Station Parking lot.
  • Vehicle detection by cameras located at lot entrances and exits.

Administration plans to commission these technologies for the reminder of the Downton parking lots by July 1, 2020. The Firehall lot and Bear St surface lot will see the installation of overhead camera-based, individual stall occupancy systems this winter. Design work, installation, programming and commissioning of the new systems is being carried out directly by the IT department in order to maintain quality and reduce costs.

Traffic Counter

Downtown Pedestrian Counter

Project description & goals: Installation of six pedestrian counter stations on Banff Avenue, Caribou Street, Bear Street and Wolf Street.

Current Status: Ten stereoscopic video counting stations have been installed and two remain to be installed. Banff Ave has 4 stations, Bear St has 2, Caribou 2 and Wolf 2. This technology can detect pedestrian volumes and heights with accuracy rates validated in the 90% to 100% range, although only traffic passing beneath the unit is measured. Weekly count data is currently being distributed to TOB staff, BLLT, and hosting landlords.

Downtown pedestrian counter

Local Bus Stop Installation

Project description & goals: Design and construction of transit shelters or other user improvements at key bus stops.

Current Status: Design is ongoing. Approximately 4 shelters are planned to be built in 2020.

Bus stop

On-Street Parking Improvements

Project description & goals: The original goal of this project was to Increase parking density along streets where enough right-of-way is available.

Current Status: Council directed administration to focus on the streets adjacent to the Banff Elementary School. It was then decided to delay the project to complete the work in conjunction with the rebuilt of the school. Parking has been formalized along big horn street. The scope of work for this project can now be considered complete.

Traffic Calmed Entrance to Town

Project description & goals: Reduce motorist speed to improve the experience of pedestrians and cyclists along the Legacy Trail West, Norquay Road Trail to the Fenlands, at the intercept parking at the Fenlands Recreation Centre and for visitors at the Banff sign. Council directed administration to implement a train of a traffic-calmed street, including a crosswalk from the Fenlands to the Banff Sign. This project funds design and trial only, not construction.

Current Status: A concept design was completed by Transportation and Civil engineers and was trialled in summer 2019.

Traffic Monitoring Equipment Purchase

Project description & goals: Purchase, install and operate 4 additional BluFAX devices for monitoring traffic. Expanding the network will grow the sections of roadway being monitoring and increase the accuracy of data.

Current Status: Complete. New routes have been added to the traffic dashboard website.

Transit Bus Storage

Project description & goals: Construction of a bus storage facility to prolong the life of the expanded fleet for Roam transit

Current Status: An Expression of Interest (EOI) was issued and subsequently closed on July 26th having received fifteen responses. The field was narrowed to three proponents who have now moved forward with a Request for Proposal (RFP) phase that will close on October 25th. Submissions will be evaluated and a proponent selected who will then engage in a design-build contract with the Town for the construction of the new facility. The project is scheduled to start construction in the spring of 2020, to be substantially complete by February 2021.

Banff Refreshing - Wolf & Caribou Trial

Project description & goals: Implement seasonal pedestrian improvements over the next few years to reflect the Banff refreshing standard. The new streetscape provides adequate space for active or passive pedestrians while responding to the new AGLC requirements and Sidewalk Seating/Cafe Policy.

Current Status: Complete, minor improvements may occur in years going forward.


Bear St Woonerff

Project description & goals: Re-construction of Bear Street to permanently foster pedestrian priority.

Current Status: In 2019, administration lead a series of public open houses. The feedback received was presented to council in the spring of 2019 where council directed administration to amend the design to mitigate public concerns. Administration, hired landscape architect and civil engineering consultants to finalize the detail concept which included the amendments as directed by council, and then worked towards the completion of the detail design early fall. Administration presented a Draft Communications Strategy to help mitigate the impacts of the construction. A series of public sessions were help by administration where members of the public that would be directly impacted by the construction were invited to provide feedback on the Communications Strategy. Procurement of the detail design started in October 2019 and bid results reflecting market-based pricing will be included in the 2020 Service Review, with construction scheduled to start May 2020, completion in July 2020

Bow River Bridge Piers Maintenance

Project description & goals: The Bow River Bridge was designated a municipal heritage resource in December 2016. Council committed funding from both a Capital Project Allocation and the Municipal Heritage Reserve. The project scope includes rehabilitation of the decorative masonry along the northern retaining land pier and the first river pier along the northern shoreline. The scope of work is purely cosmetic.

Current Status: Phase 1 of the project was completed in September 2019, this work involved rebuilding and repointing sections of the stonework in the underpass on the north side of the bridge. Phase 2 work on the northern river based pier will be completed this winter. As per the Parks Canada approved environmental protection plan, work will only commence once water levels have receded and the work can proceed on dry river bed.

Bridge and Culverts Maintenance

Project description & goals: Inspection of all town trail bridges and replacement of the Marmot Crescent culvert.

Current Status: The inspection of all trail bridges was completed by a consultant in 2018. The Marmot Crescent culvert replacement contract has been awarded; construction is complete. The trail bridge adjacent to Marmot Crescent will be replaced in 2020 using the balance of the capital carry forward.

300 Block Banff Ave. Median Reconstruction and Beautification

Project description & goals: improve the aesthetic of the Banff Ave median along the 300 block. Scope of work was to remove the flagstones and gravel fill, replace with top soil and plant trees and perennial shrubs.

Current Status: Work is complete, administrations was also able to install underground conduit and power cables to power the median streetlights, thus allowing the overhead wire to be removed. This was achieved within the original budget of the project

Median Reconstruction
Median Reconstruction

Line Painter

Project description & goals: Procurement of a new line painter

Current Status: Complete

Lynx Street Light Replacements

Project description & goals: Support the replacement and re-design of Fortis street lights along Gopher Street and Lynx street.

Current Status: Phase 1 of the project is complete, new street lights have been installed along Gopher Street and Lynx Street (north of Wolf St). Phase 2 of the project is currently being designed, and construction will be coordinated with the Homestead Redevelopment.

Portable Hydraulic Lift System

Project description & goals: Portable bus lift system to improve efficiency of maintenance of Roam bus fleet

Current Status: Portable Hydraulic lift system was purchased and now in use to work on Roam Transit units. 

Public Space & Banffrefreshing Streetscape Master Plan

Project description & goals: Develop Streetscape Design Guidelines for rebuilding public roads over time.

Current Status: Draft guidelines complete, Council review in late October 2019.

Railway Station Intercept Lot - Public Rd Enhancements

Project description & goals: Design and potentially implement roadway improvements relating to the construction of an intercept lot located east of the railway station.

Current Status: A semi-permanent trial roundabout at the lynx/elk/railway intersection was implemented in conjunction with the opening of the train station lot. A left hand turn lane was also formalized at the gopher/Norquay/railway intersection. Administration continues to monitor the operation of these trial improvements to inform permanent designs. Given the current work by the private developer to complete an area redevelopment plan, administration has paused Permanent design work.


Roadway Overlay Program

Project description & goals: Prioritized roadway overlays across the townsite to prolong the life of the road surface.

Current status: 2019 scope was as follows

  • Banff Ave from Wolf to badger street
  • Rabbit St from Banff Ave to Marten St
  • Marmot St
  • 400 block of Muskrat Street
  • Park Ave
  • Sections of Nahanni drive
  • Big Horn and Moose Streets around the BES
  • Deer lane between Fox and Antelope St
  • ~15 localised patches associated with utility repairs or local deterioration of the road surface.

At town wide pavement condition assessment was also carried out in August 2019. The report provides detailed recommendations for the next 10 years of overlay budget. The report indicates that the overall condition of Banff’s entire roadway network has slightly improved since the 2013 assessment. The report also finds that current level of funding is slightly less than is required to maintain the overall network at its current average condition and recommends increasing yearly spending to an average of $650,000. Given the condition of the roadway network has improved slightly since 2013 at the current budget of 550,000, administration is not recommending increase budget funding at this time. We will continue to monitor roadway condition and may return to Council to ask for more funding in the future.

Sidewalk Improvement Program

Project description & goals: Complete a series of upgrades and replacements to maintain and improve the quality of sidewalks.

Current Status: in 2019 new sidewalks were constructed on moose and big horn streets around the BES and a new sidewalk for the north side of Moose Street between squirrel and Marten streets was design and tendered. Work on the moose street sidewalk will commence in spring 2020. Both project have been informed by the draft street scape design guidelines that continue to be developed. Approximately 15 priority 1 defects are also being repaired during October 2019.

St. Julien Road Shallow Reconstruction & Storm Improvement

Project description & goals: Reconstruction of St Julien Road to enhance pedestrian & cyclist connectivity, lighting and storm water management.

Current Status: design work on this project was paused to prioritize other projects and await the outcome of the streetscape guidelines project that is still underway, design work will commence again in December 2019. An RFD with scoping questions will come to council in Q1 2020.

Street Lighting Upgrades Program – LED Retrofit

Project description & goals: Retrofitting of existing Town-owned street lights with energy-efficient fixtures.

Current Status: Design underway to evaluate the options to retrofit Banff Avenue downtown to LED lights.

Thermoplastic Line Painting

Project description & goals: Permanent line painting at crosswalks and other important intersections.

Current Status: Permanent line markings were installed on the new pavement along Banff ave. As other sections of Banff ave are rehabilitated in 2020 or 2021, permanent markings will be applied. Permanent marking for the new crosswalks around the BES and daycare are also planned for spring 2020.


Additional Residential Organics Bins

Project description & goals: Add 63 residential bins for the collection of food and food-soiled paper in order to increase opportunities for residents to compost their food waste.

Current Status: 15 of the 63 bins have been ordered and sited. They are scheduled to be installed in Q4 of 2019. The remainder of the bins will be ordered, sited, and installed in 2020.

Automated Driveway Gate

Project description & goals: Add driveway gate to resolve potential wildlife conflicts and better control movement of vehicles and waste into the Resource Recovery yard

Current Status: Project has been completed.

District Heating System

Project description & goals: Examine the feasibility of burning wood waste as a method of building heating

Current Status: Final administrative review and edit is in progress; New Service Request to be presented at the 2019 Service Review

Food waste decant and storage

Project description & goals: Construction of a food waste storage area to enable the consolidation of trips to the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). Reducing operating costs per tonne and the number of wildlife disturbance events are the principal project goals.

Current Status: This project is linked to a consideration of potential improvements to bio-solids & food waste processing. A temporary ramp has been created and roll-off bins are being used to bulk and decant Food waste liquids before shipping to a compost facility north of Calgary. Operation began Sept 6, 2019.

Pedestrian Bin Replacement

Project description & goals: replacement of selected pedestrian bins at the end of their natural life cycle.

Current Status: Finishing the wood cladding on this year’s bins with plans to exchange old for new by years end. More bins to be replaced in 2020.

Rotating Grapple Attachment

Project description & goals: Purchase of a rotating grapple to increase the efficiency of handling and sorting of material in the resource recovery yard

Current Status: Grapple is in service.

Transfer Station Upgrades

Project description & goals: Repair of building siding and installation of a steel containment wall to increase capacity of the waste transfer site. The project will resolve storage shortages that arise when the West Dried Meat Lake Landfill is closed. Discussions are ongoing with the Bow Valley Waste Management Commission regarding cost sharing for the upgrades.

Current Status: The distorted exterior sheet metal has been replaced. The Bow Valley Waste Management Commission’s engineer has reviewed Banff’s stamped drawings and concluded that the existing retention wall is not structurally suitable to carry the weight of the proposed retention wall extension. Concrete Lego Blocks are being used as an alternative. Spray foam insulation will be completed in Q4.


Bear St Woonerf - Sanitary Sewer

Project description & goals: In 2018, council directed administration to replace the deep utilities. Design will be integrated with the new streetscape design.

Current Status: See update with Bear Street Woonerff project

Sewer Main Repairs

Project description & goals: Using condition assessment data, prioritize and complete sanitary sewer repairs as budget permits.

Current Status: Service installation to Banff Springs Hotel completed

Sewer Main Repairs
Sewer Main Repairs

Sulphur Mtn Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement

Project description & goals: Replacement of the fractured clay tile sanitary sewer from the Gondola/Hot springs parking lot to the Banff Springs Hotel

Current Status: Project is underway and approximately 75% completed

Sulphur Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement
Sulphur Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement

WWTP Capital Upgrades

Project description & goals: Upgrades to maintain operational efficiency and effluent quality. See individual project descriptions and current status below.

Headworks and Dewatering Motor Control Center replacement

Electrical assessment by Associated Engineering in January identified corrosion internally. Several units have reached the end of their service life.

Update: APC tender package issued for equipment installation. Equipment Vendors have been contacted to confirm material delivery timelines. Target installation date May, 2020.

SCADA System Merger

The Town currently has two independent SCADA systems used for operations, monitoring and control of the town’s distribution and collection (D&C) systems and town’s wastewater treatment plant. Water Services plans to streamline the existing two D&C SCADA servers into one and combine the functionality of the D&C server into the WWTP SCADA server. The D&C server will have the WWTP functionality added to it as well. This will maintain physical redundancy for the D&C server and create the same redundancy for the WWTP SCADA.

Current Status: Technical aspects have been completed. Training of Town staff to occur in Q4 before project closeout.

Engineering Master Services Agreement

The Town has reached the end of a three year contract with Associated Engineering. An APC tender package was issued in May, 2019 and received 6 proposals. These were ranked based on engineering qualifications outlined in the RFP.

Current Status: AECOM Canada Ltd received the highest score and has been selected to assist with all aspects of Water Services engineering support for capital and maintenance tasks until 2022.

Upgrade of Grit Channel Pump

Regular maintenance of GP-1206 identified a poor design due to the lack of a seal flush system. A new pump has been purchased that includes this and should eliminate regular failure.

Current Status: Contract has been awarded to Balzer. Work has been completed with no issues identified with the new unit.


Bear St Woonerf – Water

Project description & goals: In 2018, Council directed administration to replace the deep utilities. Design will be integrated with the new streetscape design.

Current Status: See update with Bear Street Woonerff project


Project description & goals: Install new flow-paced chlorinator to dose chlorine in line with water demand. Relocation of all critical water treatment systems to the Tunnel Mountain Reservoir.

Current Status: New chlorinator is on site, multiple vendors have been contacted for mechanical installation quotations. New chlorinator scheduled to be online Q1, 2020

Emergency Generators

Project description & goals: Install emergency generators at key locations to safeguard critical needs in the event of prolonged power outage.

Current Status: Generator installations have been completed for Town Hall (which included Central Park lift station and upgrading electrical infrastructure along with a new event panel for Central Park). Additionally, Elk Street, Whiskey Creek, Marmot and Birch Street sewage lift stations generator installations are complete. The 600kw generator for the wellhead water supply has been delivered but not commissioned. Administration is working with Parks Canada and Associated Engineering to finalize a path forward regarding a permanent location. Town is in alignment with Environment Canada guidelines for placement generator in current location. Parks Canada has chosen to conduct independent analysis on generator placement. Briefing to update council fall 2019.

Valve Replacement

Project description & goals: Using condition assessment data, prioritize and complete valve repairs or replacement as budget permits.

Current Status: 2018 phase one Mountain Avenue completed which entailed service relocation and the capping of the 150mm water main on Mountain Avenue to prevent mainline freezing conditions. Phase 2 is the relocation of the fire hydrant on Mountain Avenue and capping the main north of parks administration building. Work scheduled to be complete this fall weather permitting.

Valve Replacement


Bylaw Alberta First Responder Radio Communication System (AFRRCS) Radios

Project description & goals: Update the current radios to multi-band AFRRCS compatible radios to effectively communicate with RCMP and other response agencies.

Current Status: RCMP transitioned to AFRRCS system in September. Municipal AFRRCS radios are on order and anticipate delivery in Early November.

Catch Basin Replacement Program

Project description & goals: Using condition assessment data, prioritize and complete catch basin repairs or replacement as budget permits.

Current Status: Catch basins around the BES were replaced and replaced as part of the school complimentary upgrades. The remaining budget will carry over to 2020 to address the catch basin on the north side of Moose Street in conjunction with the new sidewalk construction.

Conversion to Electronic Forms Project

Project description & goals: Electronic forms which can be filled out and submitted from any ToB mobile device.

Current Status: Complete. Reporting is produced as required.

CPR Pedestrian Crossing Update

Project description & goals: Partner with CP to design a safe pedestrian crossing and return to Council with a construction budget estimate to construct the crossing between marmot crescent and the industrial compound.

Current Status: A topographical survey and geotechnical assessment of the area around the existing informal crossing location has been completed. An introductory design workshop has been conducted with Town, CP and Parks Canada representatives attending. CP have indicated a preference to manage the concept design phase to ensure that their requirements for construction with in their Right of Way are met. CP have also applied for grant funding through transport Canadas rail safety improvement program to help fund the eventual construction of the project. Design work and work with Parks Canada on environmental considerations is on going

Financial Software Update

Project description & goals: Update of financial software to current version including training for staff on the software.

Current Status: Substantially complete. Administration is exploring options for the replacement of our job costing software with the remaining budget in order to better support ongoing service benchmarking.

Information Governance Master Plan Implementation

Project description & goals: In 2015 council accepted the Information Governance Master Plan as a guiding document for the Town’s information governance program. The plan is a multi-year, multi-phase forward roadmap to achieve an essentially complaint information management. The capital project approved in 2017 is for expenditures for electronic content management (ECM) and electronic records and document management systems (EDRMS) systems. This budget includes implementation of a pilot group to test the software.

Current Status: The Town has purchased SharePoint (ECM) and Gimmal (ERDMS) software for the Town and 2 pilot groups have been successfully implemented. The pilots consisted of the Recreation, Fenlands and FCSS department accounting for 38 users. The Town will bring back cost estimates for onboarding the remainder of department in the 2020 budget.

Intercept Parking Off-Site Landscape Support

Project description & goals: Support the development of the new intercept parking lot through additional landscaping on Town of Banff property – including the construction of a 2m tall solid wood fence around the day care and infill tree planting to screen the lot from squirrel/cougar streets and the lane way behind squirrel streets

Current Status: Construction was completed in July 2019 in preparation for the lot opening.

Daycare Fence
Screening along Squirrel Street

Municipal Enforcement Restructure

In the 2019 Service Level Review, council approved the expansion and renaming of the Bylaw Services Department. The new department name is “Municipal Enforcement” which is a much more current and common name seen for similar departments throughout the province. The initiative included two FTE Community Peace Officer positions which will focus on moving traffic safety as well as public places safety and enjoyment (liquor and cannabis enforcement in public places).

The project included the purchase and outfitting of two fully electric patrol vehicles which we believe is a first for any Municipal Enforcement Departments throughout the province. Bylaw Services had a fixed space within the town hall with no real allowance for expansion. With the addition of two FTEs, the space was redesigned to accommodate for the new staff while still remaining efficient and collaborative.

Municipal Enforcement restructure capital costs include the following:

  • Two fully equipped fully electric patrol vehicles (Chevrolet Bolts). Vehicles are decaled to reflect the department name change from Bylaw Services to Municipal Enforcement 
  • EVs are decaled and equipped to specifications set out by the Alberta Solicitor General including decal design and placement, and lighting requirements
  • EV capital costs also included two Bosch EV charging stations located in Town Hall Parkade
  • EV interiors are also modified to accommodate laptop workstations to allow officer’s to access files and run driver and plate info in the field.
  • Major officer renovation includes the elimination of one office to create an open collaborative workspace
  • Office renovation included all new workstations conducive to good posture health.
  • Alberta Solicitor General requirements are met by the construction and installation of proper locking evidence and personal lockers for all officers as well as common bylaw files

Current Status: As of October 18, 2019, the project is mostly complete except for some office fixtures and equipment that will be fully procured and installed by the end of November

Public Art Exhibit Project

Project Description & Goals: Commission 4 artworks for 4 ½–year temporal exhibition at Bear Street Mall and Banff Town Hall; proceed with fabrication of all artwork exhibition materials/hardware and required installation.

Current Status: Bear Street Mall exhibition (When I Close My Eyes) has been installed for the intended project length. The Community Art Committee are in the process of determining next steps for the piece and the space. Banff Town Hall exhibition: Raven #2 was exhibited 2013-2014; Stuff Animals exhibit was extended to July 2017 as it was temporarily removed during its display because of hardware failure; Love is Touching Souls was exhibited from July 2017 until end of 2018. As the project is now complete, the piece has been removed and the wall repaired.

River Ribbon Public Art Project

Project description & goals: Commission new permanent art installation, River Ribbon by Alexander Caldwell;

Current Status: River Ribbon was installed in December 2017. The Community Art Committee are currently working on a plaque for the piece.

River Ribbon

Recreation Program & Facilities Software

Project description & goals: The previous booking and registrations software is obsolete and servicing expired in 2017, resulting in need to purchase new software. Procurement process was undertaken and BookKing was selected in spring of 2017. Improved reporting, online registration and payment and mobile point of sale and membership registrations (i.e. tablets for scanning membership cards at community classes, drop–in sports, etc.) identified as key features.

Current Status: Project is 90% complete. Data transfer to new system is complete and on-line registration launched in the fall of 2018. All programs, services and facilities are now housed in the new system. Flex registration for children and youth programs is the only element still being processed in CLASS as we await the module development from BookKing (currently underway). Remaining equipment purchased in 2019 and the launch of Flex Reg is scheduled for January of 2020.

Signage & Wayfinding Master Plan

Project description & goals: Town–wide wayfinding installation to enhance visitor experience.

Current Status: The entrance sign on Norquay Road and a digital message sign to be located by the hospital are complete. Discussions with Parks Canada regarding the location of the entrance and digital message signs on Banff Avenue (east entrance) are ongoing.

Streaming and Recording of Council Meetings

Project description & goals: Expansion of existing audio system to include video and to livestream and record Council Meetings.

Current Status:

  • Video camera and a computer to manage streaming and recording installed.
  • Two additional microphones to be installed.
  • Configuration of existing document scanner to display to livestream required.
  • Two council meetings have been livestreamed.

Storm Water Consulting Design

Project description & goals: consultation and survey work to identify underlying issues causing ponding during heavy rain events and/or snow melt in several areas of town

Current Status: consultant scope has been awarded and is ongoing. The Town’s consultant has evaluated all available data for the areas in question. Recommendations for remedial action have been received and will be presented to council the fall of 2019.

Town Entrance Sign Enhancement

Project description & goals: construction of a crossing and traffic calming by the Banff sign at the Fenlands

Current Status: Enhancements were coordinated within the ‘Traffic-calmed entrances to Town’ capital project.

DEER (Coyote) LANE

Coyote Lane

Project description & goals: Construction of 131 below-market rental units – designed to meet or exceed priorities of liveability, affordability, environmental performance, Banff Design Guidelines, ease of maintenance, construction and operating costs. Project to be self-funding - without the need for a tax subsidy.

Current Status:

  • Parks Canada released land at a substantially discounted rate for the development of a 131–unit. The Provincial Government contributed $11.9M in funding through a tenancy in common agreement.
  • The three main buildings achieved occupancy permit in late June 2018, 13 months after breaking ground. The remaining 9 A-frame units received their occupancy permit in November 2018. 
  • All units are occupied and there are waiting lists for all three sizes of apartments
  • Rents for all units are 10-15% below market rate.
  • The project was completed on schedule and is currently under budget.
  • The building incorporates energy-saving initiatives including R50 roof insulation, heat-recovery ventilation systems in each unit, low flow plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient appliances and triple glazing
  • The building exceeds 2011 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) reference building efficiency (minimum building code) by 23%.
  • Electricity costs for the entire building, including all common space lighting, fans and pumps, elevator, door openers, suite heating, lighting and cooking and temporary power to the A-frames under construction were $5,000 ($41/unit) for the month of August when 110 units were occupied.
  • Offsite work is complete and warranty periods for all work will conclude in Spring 2020, off-site improvements to this area include:
    • Replacement of stormwater and sewer manholes in the lane as part of servicing the building.
    • Reconstruction of Coyote Lane, including paving and stormwater management improvements.
    • Sidewalks along Antelope St and Marmot St.
    • Formalization of 90 degree angle parking on Marmot St and pavement renewal.
    • Extensive tree planting along Antelope St and in the Deer Street ROW.