Getting Around Banff

The Banff townsite is just 3.94 square kilometres, which means it's fairly easy to get around. Locals like to walk and cycle everywhere, or Roam on Banff's great public transit system.

Walk or Bike

Roads and trails provide access to most amenities and attractions in Banff. Download the Banff Trails Map (PDF).

Use the Bike Fix-It Stations (PDF) to pump up your tires or make minor repairs. They include several tools securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hang your bike from the arm to freely move pedals and wheels. If you need help with a repair, just scan the QR Code on the front of the station to get detailed instructions.

Roam Public Transit

Roam, Banff's public transit bus system gets you just about everywhere in Banff. Visit Roam's website for detailed route information, schedules and fares.Roam Logo


Park at the Train Station for free, long-term parking. Download the Banff Parking Map (PDF).

RV Parking

There's limited parking for RVs in the Town of Banff. Use for help parking in town.

Take a Taxi or Book Transportation

Taxis and commercial shuttles service the Banff area 24 hours a day.


  • Get around the national park without a car. Explore the Park vehicle-free, discover hidden gems and more.
  • Many Banff hotels offer their guests complimentary shuttle service within the Banff townsite. Inquire with individual hotels.
  • Throughout the winter, ski shuttle buses are available for transportation between Banff and the three ski areas - Norquay, Sunshine Village and the Lake Louise Ski Area.

Active Commuting

Locals show us why they choose to walk, bike, skateboard or take public transit to work. Photographer Malcolm Carmichael captured some great images of how Banff residents are using active transit to get around.

For more behind the scenes footage, view the images or visit our YouTube page.

Kids Riding Bikes
Women Walking
People Biking
Banff Daycare
Parks Canada Staff by Cave and Basin
People Walking
People on Skateboards
Brewster Gondola