Housing Strategy

Community Housing Strategy

Housing Strategy Opens in new windowIn October 2014, Banff town council adopted the Community Housing Strategy. The document recommends many actions be taken over the next several years to help address housing issues in the community. Some actions are already underway, and can be reviewed in the full document.

Federal Census 2021 Statistics on Housing in Banff

Housing affordability metric:

Census yearPercent of households that spent 30% or more of income on shelter costs

Overcrowding metric (enough bedrooms)

Census yearPercent of households in unsuitable housing

Condition of housing (major repairs needed)

Census yearPercent of households in inadequate housing

Rental Rates and Vacancies

According to the latest data from the Government of Alberta (2021 report based on 2020 survey), Banff has some of the highest rental rates in the province:

Rentals Chart

Banff Apartment Rentals Vacancy Rate

2018 Vacancy Rate 1.1%

2021 Vacancy Rate 3.2%*

% Change in Vacancy Rate  2.1%

*Note: this data is based on surveying in2020 during the height of the pandemic, when many workers left Banff