Register for Emergency Alerts

... and receive other important notifications

The Town of Banff provides town-wide emergency alerts to help residents and visitors become informed about situations that may require people to take action to protect their safety. 

You must register (below) to receive alerts from the Town. Local emergencies may include: 

  • wildfire notices
  • river flooding
  • train derailment
  • severe storms closing local roads
  • avalanche
  • building fires
  • gas leaks
  • hazardous spills
  • aggressive wildlife in town
  • other human or natural emergencies

By signing up for emergency alerts, you are asked to place a pin on the map for your home or hotel, and possibly a place of work or school or other location you frequent. 

This location-based pin allows you to receive non-emergency notifications that affect very localized areas such as:

  • parking bans for snow clearing or street sweeping
  • road, trail and area closures 
  • service disruption (water/power) in your area
  • special events advisories that affect surroundings 

For emergencies, you will receive a bold Alert that is hard to miss. For notifications of issues that are non-emergencies, you will receive a normal notification on the service you select.

Current Alerts

Below is a map with current alerts. Sign up below to receive alerts sent to you.

The Town of Banff uses the Voyent Alert system for alerts

You select how you would like to receive an emergency alert or notification:

  • an app on your smart phone or tablet
  • through email
  • SMS text to your mobile phone 
  • a recorded message to a phone

In the event of an emergency, this will be how the Town of Banff contacts you about critical information that needs to reach you and your family. The Town's system is separate from Alberta Alerts or Canada-wide alerts; the Town only issues notifications for issues in this area. 

This new system allows for greater communication to residents and visitors in a timely fashion. In addition to multiple ways to sign up for alerts, this will also include mapping information for a greater understanding of where emergencies are taking place and what you need to do to stay safe.

Registration for the service is free, simple and totally anonymous.

We don't ask for your name or other personal information. Registration only asks for how you want to be notified, and the address or map pin of where you live and/or other locations in town (such as you place of work, your child's school, a favourite trail) that will help you receive the alerts that matter to you.

For visitors to Banff, select the method of notification that works for you and your mobile device. Email may be the easiest to register and receive. Place your "home" at your accommodation. All methods are easy to unsubscribe when you leave town.

Options for registering:

Download the App by clicking your device's App provider:

Apple Store Opens in new windowGoogle Play Opens in new window


Click here to Register for Alerts by email, text or calls to your phone.

We encourage residents who have a mobile phone with them to download the App for the best experience – you’ll be able to mark on a map your home address, business, child’s school or any other important location and get specific alerts tailored to that area.

Non-Emergency Alerts

When you sign up for Voyent Alert! you’ll also be subscribed to non-emergency alerts like road closures, snow removal notices, water/power service disruptions, special event advisories, etc. You can opt out of these notices at any time.

Take time to be prepared

After registering for Emergency Alerts and notifications, take time to familiarize yourself with how to be prepared for emergencies in this mountain town. Learn about preparing your "go bag" for evacuations, how to shelter in place,  your evacuation guide and checklist.

Sample Emergency Alert