Public Input Opportunities

Age-Friendly Banff Survey

Provide feedback on top issues identified in focus groups to help make Banff better for seniors.

 Resident Satisfaction Phone Survey

The Resident Satisfaction Survey calls 350 randomly selected locals for feedback about municipal programs, services and facilities offered in Banff and value for taxes. The survey conducted by the Ipsos opinion research firm  is being conducted in April and May 2023.

Banff Community Plan 

The Banff Community Plan is our "plan of plans" about the community's vision, our 10-year goals and how we manage the limited area of the Town of Banff. In other communities, it is often called a Municipal Development Plan. Community consultation to update this plan is scheduled to start in June 2023.

 Community Social Assessment 

A Community Social Assessment aims to create a snapshot in time of a community's social well-being and vitality - our strengths, assets and opportunities, along with our issues and challenges. Community consultation to update the assessment is planned to start in May 2023.

Speak to Council on meeting topics

You can speak at a council meeting but it must be about an item on the agenda. Check upcoming Agenda items at Email the municipal clerk to register to speak at a meeting. 

Submit written input to Council

Send a letter to council for review in advance of council meetings. The topics should be relevant to items on the agenda for inclusion in the agenda. Check topics for upcoming meetings at

  • Email: 
  • Fax: 403.762.1260
  • In person: Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear Street
  • Mail: Town of Banff, Attn: Municipal Clerk, P.O Box 1260, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1A1

 Banff Viewpoints Online Panel 

Sign up to be notified of regular surveys and online feedback opportunities from the Town of Banff. 

Recent Survey Results 

See the results of recent surveys, posted to the Banff Viewpoints Online Panel.  Visit each completed project at to  see reports summarizing public input. Recent completed reports include Spray Ave Dedicated Bus Lane,  Seniors Housing Survey, Banff Lending Library, and RCMP Community Policing and Communications

Sign up to give Feedback

Sign up for opportunities to be informed about upcoming opportunities to provide feedback on proposed changes to policies, bylaws, programs or issues. Sign up for Feedback Notifications

 New Public Input Policy 

Community consultation on a new public input policy is underway. Public sessions, surveys and outreach are being scheduled.

Report a Problem/Action Request

Report a problem you see around town – snow removal issues, illegal parking, potholes – to the Town of Banff.