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Corrie DiManno

Corrie DiManno About Me

Corrie has been in and around Banff since she was born. With a journalism degree, she found a new love for this special place through her roles as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor in the community. This time spent learning from and listening to the community led her to run for office and become a Town Councillor in 2013.

Since then, she’s served on several Council committees including the Municipal Planning Commission and Banff Housing Corporation. When she’s not at town hall, she’s helped the Banff Canmore Community Foundation with communications support and although currently on a leave of absence, has worked part-time for Roam Public Transit as a communications coordinator since early 2018. From 2014 to Summer 2021, she volunteered as an organizer of Banff Pride and has helped out at other organizations like the Banff YWCA and Movember Banff over the years. In August 2021, she was appointed Mayor of Banff by her Council colleagues. 

Her roots in Banff run deep, with her grandparents immigrating to the mountain town from Italy in the late 1950s. With gratitude for their decision, Corrie enjoys backcountry hut trips with friends as well as running, biking, and hiking in the mountains.


After eight years on Council, I am energized by the opportunity to lead as Mayor for the next four years. I’m proud of the accomplishments Council has made but I feel strongly there is more important work to be done and I want to be a part of that work. My vision for Banff continues to be progressive and I have the leadership skills, experience, and tenacity to guide our community into the future. 

My platform is based on four priorities: 

Living Where the World Visits

I will work with Banff Lake Louise Hospitality Association and Banff & Lake Louise Tourism to understand the key COVID recovery strategies as well as the long-term vision of tourism in Banff National Park. This includes ensuring a balance of a strong economy, healthy community, and protected environment. We need to support our residents in a community so reliant on tourism. Affordability and cost of living will continue to be top priorities for me.

Housing Sustainability 

Looking into the future, I am committed to exploring building more affordable rental housing on town-owned lands on Cave Avenue and any other build opportunities that come forward for the municipality. I will also continue to support density-building incentives for our private developers. Adequate and affordable housing is a crucial part of attracting and retaining employees who support our tourism economy as we move forward out of the pandemic. My goal is to have a healthy vacancy rate between 3-5% at the end of the next term.

Model Environmental Community

It is a privilege to live in a national park, so we must do our part to protect this beautiful place for future generations to experience and enjoy. As such, I support the ambitious targets in the Environmental Master and Renewable Energy Transition Roadmap. From investing in infrastructure for active modes of transportation to supporting community-wide solar PV, I believe Banff needs to be a leader in climate action. I will continue the leadership Council has shown in this area and will be a strong advocate when lobbying for funding from the provincial and federal governments.

Voter Turnout

This initiative has been a part of my last two campaigns because I believe voting is a powerful way to support your vision for the future of Banff. Each campaign I’ve tried to encourage every eligible voter, including the young adult demographic, to pack the polls. This is a big election. We will see new faces on Council and there will be a new Mayor. It is my goal, in this election, to get out even more voters than in 2017 (2,215 voters). Every vote counts.

Candidates for Council

Allan Buckingham

About MeAllan Buckingham

I love getting to live in a beautiful place where I can easily enjoy my passions of canoeing, skiing and hiking. I’ve been fortunate to call Banff home since 2006. 

I’m pretty geeky and enjoy discussing issues that are important to people. I love meetings, partially because they’re often a forum for important discussions. When not outdoors, you can find me playing with my kid and helping people sort out life and money.

I’ve sat on 5 Town committees and working groups and am currently chair of the Banff Housing Corporation Board. I also bring with me extensive experience in governance roles in various organizations. I understand how an organization with a budget in the tens of millions of dollars works and what my role as a councillor/governor would be. I’m excited to listen to the community, hear what is being said and to provide direction for the community. Balancing what I hear with what is doable, throwing in my own ideas when it makes sense, but not forcing my ideas on anyone. 


I'm running for council because I want to make sure we're appropriately planning for the long-term effects of hitting our limits. Our physical limits, our commercial limits, our natural limits. If we're not intentional about planning for these effects, I don’t think we’ll like what happens to our community. I like to research and to plan, to read and write policy documents, and to think things through creatively looking for solutions. 

I generally appreciate the direction set by recent councils. While not perfect, I feel there has been a noticeable improvement in our community. As a taxpayer (like everyone who lives in Banff, whether they pay directly or not), it’s great to see that each year council does a service review. Looking at the different level of services provided by each department and determining if we want to, or need to, increase, or decrease, the level of service. Being conscience about how we use our tax dollars is important. A lot of attention is also paid to the 10+ year direction set by the Banff Community Plan, and the 4-year direction set by the Strategic Plan. 

As we begin the process of creating a new community plan, there are some key areas I believe we should be paying close attention to. These include (in no particular order) housing, staffing, affordability, the natural environment, community, visitation, sustainability, transportation, and taxes. I’m sure there are others, and I’m sure these concepts vary in importance between us all, but they all have a direct effect on our community and our lives. They are also all interrelated. This interrelatedness is one thing I want to make sure stays top of mind, because how we respond in one area will have positive and negative effects on another area. If we’re not paying attention, we might end up accidently creating a community where we don’t necessarily want to, or can afford to, live.

For example, as regional visitation increases, people are looking for more restaurants than gift shops. Businesses respond by providing more restaurants. Restaurants however need more staff than gift shops so even though we haven’t added any commercial space, we now have 6 people, working in the same space that only needed 2 before. This means we now have 4 new people competing for already scarce housing in town leading to increases in rents and house prices.

I’m not saying restaurant conversions are a bad thing. I’m using it as an example of how issues are all connected, and how we need to be doing our best to think through the knock-on effects of our choices so that the Banff of the future is one that we still want to call home and isn’t the result of not thinking big enough when we’re planning. 

If my experience and ideas speak to you, please vote Allan Buckingham for Banff Town Council.

Dana Humbert

Dana HumbertAbout Me

My wife and I feel so proud and privileged to be raising our two daughters here and call Banff our home. 

Ultimately, I am running because I have fallen in love with this amazing community that has so humbly welcomed our family. Before we arrived, when we arrived and still to this day, we are made to feel welcomed, supported, and cared for. I want to help be a part of keeping the essence, the heart of the community alive and well for generations to come. I can see significant challenges coming before Banff over the next 4 years, and I would like to be as proactive as possible to make sure that residents' needs and concerns are heard, addressed, and met.

Professionally, I am a project manager with years of experience with projects all around southern Alberta. My experience helps me understand the various aspect of municipal construction infrastructure, budgeting, and scheduling. 

As an appointed representative on The Municipal Planning Committee for the Town of Banff, I understand and meet the procedures, policies, and expectations of the Town of Banff. I continue to have the opportunity to work within the existing framework, develop relationships, and creatively problem solve the specific needs of the community.



Property tax must be monitored and watched to stay under control. The town must have priorities and make choices according to the strategic plan. Some tough decisions will need to be made this year, the town’s largest tax revenue comes from the commercial sector that has been hit hard the last couple of years. This will have a direct impact on the town’s revenue. I will strive to find a balanced budget that is reasonable and fair for all.


Our Town Council must continue to champion sustainability to create a thriving urban for the people who work, live, and play here. I will be a voice for our town to continue to offer a variety of affordable and local programs, services, and supports that meet the needs of our community. I will support creating new and continuation of programs that increase food security while keeping our community and the environment at the forefront. I am proud of the environmental leadership Banff has shown so far in the ambitious targets in emission reduction the goals for renewable energy, and the continuous expansion of our connected routes which promotes walking and cycling as a preferable means of travel. I want to keep that momentum going. From transportation and infrastructure to local programs and urban green spaces - I will embed sustainability into every decision I make. I was so grateful for the opportunity to have a plot in one of the town's greenhouses and share that experience with my daughters. I would work and support building additional greenhouse as there was a 40+ waiting list this year.


I will take bold action to address Banff’s affordability crisis. I will tackle the escalating cost of living in Banff head-on by implementing innovative solutions for affordable housing, and transportation more accessible. 

I will continue to support the opportunities for building more affordable housing for all within our municipality.

Will we be able to retire in this beautiful mountain town we call home? 

This is a concern I have heard from several residents already. I am younger and we have built a family and a community here like a lot of our aging population. I will support creative ideas and decisions that promote seniors being properly sheltered with dignity and individuality while fully participating in the decision-making process. 


Banff has a vibrant and growing business community. The pandemic has caused all of our businesses to pivot and find innovative ways to offer their services. Finding ways to streamline processes at a municipal level, especially for our businesses, is important as our businesses work towards recovery. 

Chip Olver

Chip OlverAbout Me

I have been working on your behalf as a Banff Town Councillor since 1994. It has been a joy and an honour. Thank you for your support that has allowed me to do this interesting, rewarding and sometimes challenging work.

Banff has been my home for most of my life. My husband, Jim, and I married here. Our children have grown up here. 

I’ve served on various local, regional, provincial and national committees

  • Past-President YWCA Banff 
  • Past-President Green Communities Canada 
  • Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, committee work. Recipient Distinguished Service Award. 
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
  • Trained with Climate Reality Canada

And going way back,

  • Women’s Slow-pitch
  • Kindergarten Parents Group 

I concluded my 10 years with FCM as a member of their Executive Committee representing Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut.

Other work experience includes: computer programmer/analyst, campus life facilitator, conducted a municipal census, survey analysis, ski host, server, bartender and restaurant manager. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.

Skills obtained in these roles and over two decades of leadership on council will enable me to work hard and effectively on your behalf.


I believe a great place to live will also be a great place to visit. I am committed to building a healthy, stable and livable community for residents, visitors and future generations. 

I’m ready to work hard. I work in a respectful and collaborative manner. I’d love your support to give me a chance to bring the knowledge, experience and leadership I’ve developed in over two decades on council back to the table. 

Pandemic Recovery

We’ve been responding to the pandemic with safety initiatives for residents and businesses (e.g. entry checkpoints, mask bylaw, safety ambassadors.) We’ve also focussed on safety and business viability with things like the downtown pedestrian zone and working with Banff Lake Louise Tourism (BLLT). Response measures will continue as needed. We also need focus on recovery so that we return to a safe, thriving and vibrant community. 

Affordability & Housing

Cost of Living was identified as your biggest challenge in the 2018/19 Community Social Assessment. We need to be a community that supports residents of all ages. I will continue to support affordable housing, Banff Access Card for low-income residents, the good food box and other programs to make Banff more livable. 

According to the 2017, Banff Resident Survey 1 in 5 residents of Banff are in unsuitable housing. We need more affordable housing built by the Banff Housing Corporation, that has already built more than 300 homes, and by encouraging private development with incentives like density bonusing

I would like to see us support studies and research that will demonstrate to the other orders of government the high costs of living and operating a business in Banff in comparison to other communities. This information will support our arguments for increased funding.


Plans already underway will see the Town’s own corporate emissions reduced by more than 50% by 2030. The broader community needs help with achieving goals like this too. I will support programs that continue to improve municipal environmental performance and programs that assist residents and businesses with their performance as well.

Busy-ness & Transportation

With a history of over 4 million visitors a year, residents have said that congestion, traffic and general “busy-ness” are affecting their quality of life. I will support initiatives, like ROAM transit and a walkable community, that will reduce this congestion. Discussions about overall busy-ness and responses to that will be part of the upcoming Community Plan. Please take the time to participate.


The 1990 Banff Incorporation Agreement created us as an Alberta municipality. It states the primary purpose is as a centre for visitors. I support the initiatives of BLLT to build back tourism and to thoughtfully engage

Barb Pelham

Barb PelhamAbout Me

I love my funky little mountain town.

 I grew up in Banff and graduated from Banff Community High School in 1983.

 I was involved in our family businesses in Banff for almost 50 years. In 2000 my husband Eric and I purchased Canada House Gallery from my parents, developed it into a nationally recognized gallery, and recently sold it in 2018.

For the last 3 years, I've been busy skiing, hiking, cycling, golfing, going to CrossFit, practicing yoga, playing pickleball, and walking my dog.

Our kids Marika, (26) and JT(23) were born in Banff and continue to love mountains. My parents (Peter & Marika McCaffrey) aged and passed in Banff. They received amazing care from our local medical professionals and the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital.

I have served over 30 years on Municipal Planning Commission, Banff Lake Louise Tourism, Banff Grants Committee, Banff Culture Walk, Banff Art Committee, Banff Alpine Racers, Banff Playschool.

I understand and love Banff and am ready to serve.


For 50 years I've been Barb FROM Banff, and now I’m Barb FOR Banff! It is a privilege and a long-awaited goal to contribute to Banff’s community and legacy by running for Town Council.

My family became involved in business here in the early 1970s and we opened Canada House Gallery in 1974. I understood from an early age that Banff relies on tourism, on people visiting and supporting our community, and that we need to operate in a way that protects the place we all love.

Throughout my professional career as an entrepreneur and art dealer, I have been deeply committed to our community volunteering for over 35 years on various boards and committees: Banff Rundle Playschool, Banff Alpine Racers, Banff Art Committee, Banff Heritage Tourism, Banff Lake Louise Tourism, Municipal Planning Commission, chauffeuring the elderly on the Big Red Ride around town, and delivering meals to people in need during Covid.

I’ve watched the needs of the youth, the middle-aged and the elderly evolve, and these experiences have rounded my knowledge and compassion for various segments of our community.

My interest in running for council developed in the fall of 2018 when Eric and I sold Canada House Gallery. I started to attend Council meetings, Governance and Finance meetings and set my sights on October 18, 2021! The past 3 years have taught me the processes and procedures that Council works through to govern and lead our town.

This next term of four years is going to be challenging. As we recover from Covid, our commercial tax revenue will take a hit from the drop in tourism. We will recover, however, we have a few lean years to endure first. This will affect how Banff prioritizes capital projects and ongoing services. Council must make hard decisions on ‘needs’ vs ‘wants’. My understanding of business, tourism, and the value of community will inform me in making decisions that benefit the citizens of Banff.

In talking with many of you, I have heard that you want a council:

  • who understands business and appreciates environmental concerns.
  • that will be prepared for meetings and has the energy to serve the community.
  • who understands the history and the nuances that are distinctive to Banff.
  • who has shown their commitment to the community and is here for the long haul.
  • with a vision for a Banff that is a fantastic community in which to live.

If elected I will be open-minded, contribute to conversations and debates, collaborate with others, communicate with you and our community, and work to build consensus.

I love Banff, and it is an honour and privilege to represent the community that I care about so deeply. I truly appreciate your support and look forward to serving the people of Banff.

Kaylee Ram

Kaylee RamAbout Me

If we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, hello! I’m Kaylee and I’d love to tell you a little bit about me. I am fortunate enough to call myself a unicorn (born and raised in Banff), and even luckier that I’m a 2nd generation Banffite after my Dad. As a true child of winter, I grew up playing hockey for the Banff Bears, and spent days off from the rink snowboarding. I graduated from Banff Community High School in 2012 before heading to the University of Alberta where I studied psychology. 

My family started Snowtips-Bactrax back in 1979, and quickly put me to work once I was out of high school. From this experience, I quickly came to realize my passion for working within the tourism and outdoor adventure industry. 

If I'm not in the shop working, you can find me on the slopes, lost on a hiking trail, attending a CrossFit or yoga class, or out for a walk with my dog, Juniper.

Please say hi, I would love to meet you and listen to anything and everything you want to chat about!


Looking into the next 5 years I can foresee affordability being an even stronger topic than what it already is, seeing as Council will have to be extremely diligent in budgets and spending with our recovering economy. I plan to use my business experience to help examine the budgets and costs to support the livelihood of our residents. Continuing to support and grow our community needs – this will forever be in a state of ebb-and-flow but if going through a pandemic has reminded us anything, it’s to take care of ourselves and the people around us. Our actions need to be critically made and decisions regarding capital projects or operation spending needs to be highly critiqued and questions need to be made and answered. The public is feeling as though decisions on their home are being prioritized to tourism above their needs. That cannot be emphasized enough. Environmental sustainability will need to remain on everyone’s minds after experiencing such a hot, dry summer as we just did and continuing on leading the way through programs like Zero Waste. Of course, housing for long-term residents and temporary residents cannot be forgotten, this will also be partnered with affordability if Council does not investigate into both operating and capital spending, along with contributions to the capital reserve. The community motivates me, my love for this town and the people in it cannot be put into words, honestly. Banff’s future and sustaining the amazing childhood memories my Dad made while growing up here, and that I experienced growing up here too. For future generations to be able to know that feeling of pride in saying, “I grew up in Banff” is the driving force behind my passion for maintaining the bright light that Banff was and is. I believe I encompass the spirit of Banff and the mountains that surround us. Plus, I am fortunate enough to have met such a diverse range of people who have opened my eyes to different perspectives and opinions on varying topics, and that will be a true asset to Council for having a unique view.  I would also emphasize to the public, to remember that in order for Council to be productive and purposeful, there needs to be an acknowledgement that though there will be conflicting views on decisions - ultimately Council needs to work amongst one another to make decisions that are the most beneficial to our community. I feel as though I possess the trait of being purposeful in my intention to listen and being able to work with everyone. From my chats with a plethora of different members of our town, I feel confident in what our community needs. And for the things I am unfamiliar with, I am excited and eager to meet and learn from those that do know those areas.

Mark Walker

Mark WalkerAbout Me

I rolled into Banff in November 2007 with my life packed into the back of my Jeep, ready for my first season as a ski instructor in some real mountains. Like many who have come before (and since) one season turned into two, and eventually a full-time, year-round “grown-up” job at a prestigious hotel.  Recently my experiences led to business ownership of an outdoor equipment rental company based in Canmore.

During my time in Banff I have worked as a ski instructor,  tour guide, department manager, bouncer, casual labourer, business owner, and on occasion have continued the Banff tradition of holding several of these roles at the same time.  I have experienced a wide variety of housing situations including bunking in a multi-occupant room, living in staff accommodation, renting an apartment, and eventually owning a home and renting out a room.  I believe this breadth of experience over a relatively short time gives me perspective on the challenges facing a cross section of the community.

I currently enjoy spending my days off with my wife and 2-year-old daughter, playing games with friends (either virtually or in-person, as restrictions allow), and meeting people to discuss local issues of importance.


My run for Banff Town Council is based on two main goals and I would like to share my top priorities for each as examples of how I want to achieve my vision of a successful community.  While it is by no means an exhaustive list, I believe it outlines the type of changes I would like to accomplish by collaborating with my fellow Banffites.

My first goal is to improve livability in Banff, which to me means making our town an easier place for people to create a long-term home for themselves and their families through more affordable housing opportunities and quality services for residents. I would like to implement a long-term plan that will gradually convert current equity share homes into price-restricted homes in order to grow the number of price-restricted properties in the Banff Housing Corporation portfolio and eventually influence the wider housing market prices.  I would like the town to also follow through on a recommendation from the 2014 Banff Housing Strategy and create a recommended landlord program that promotes landlords who provide a decent level of quality housing.

Another livability factor is recreation. I would like to explore new ways of supporting resident-organized teams, programs, or leagues that take the financial pressure off of individual organizers.  In addition to running its own programming, the recreation department should be the hub that helps connect interested groups with municipal facilities in order to provide a broader range of activities for residents as well as increase the use of underused space like the Fenlands’ upper level or the Middle Springs Cabin.

My second main goal is to ‘Future Proof’ Banff and set us on a path to become the leader in sustainable tourism destinations.  With the number of tourists expected to visit Banff National Park for the foreseeable future, we need to visualize where we want to be in the long term and set up systems now to start moving in the right direction.  My first priority will be on an updated Banff Community Plan which will emphasize the need to collaborate with our regional partners like Canmore and Parks Canada especially in regards to transportation.  We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation that has seriously hurt the tourism sector and as we come out of the pandemic, we should be looking at how we can better utilize our budget stabilization reserve to assist residents and businesses with their costs if and when the tourism industry takes its next punch.  We should plan to put more money away when times are good specifically to provide funding or relief next time things go bad.

I have been lucky enough to make a home in Banff and enjoy it with my wife, dog, and daughter.  I want her to grow up to live in a town that provides even more opportunities than 

Lesley Young

Lesley YoungAbout Me

I was born in Niagara Falls, Ont., then my family moved to the Coquitlam-Surrey area of B.C.. I started working in Banff in 1972, and married my late wife in 1974, and have owned my condo since 1980. I worked for approximately 30 years in the Hospitality industry, and another 10 years in local businesses, all of which involved serving customers and the local population. I am now in my 11th. year with Standish Home Hardware.


I have seen many changes in Banff since 1972, including the Incorporation of Banff , and the build-out of commercial and residential properties to the limits legislated by Parks Canada. I have always tried to keep informed of national and provincial politics, but only recently did I become concerned with local Banff issues This was due mainly to the Bear Street reconstruction project, about which many people expressed concern regarding loss of "local character" and lack of acceptance of local input. Subsequent projects like Banff Ave. pedestrianization and the Train Station Transportation Hub have continued these feelings.

As a long-time lease holder I hope to relay these feelings to Council and Administration.