I noticed that donations cannot be from corporations for the municipal election, but also noticed that in 2017 many donations were from corporations. Is this a new rule?

Yes, this is a new rule.

Formerly known as Bill 23, An Act to Renew Local Democracy in Alberta was passed in 2018 to update local election rules.

This legislation bans corporate and union donations so that only individual Albertans would be able to make campaign contributions in municipal elections.

Candidates or those acting on their behalf, should not solicit or accept contributions if the candidate knows or ought to know that the potential contributor:

  • Does not ordinarily reside in Alberta; or 
  • Is a corporation or incorporated organization. 

There have been three significant pieces of legislation since the last municipal election in 2017 that have amended the Local Elections Act and changed the rules for municipal elections.

You can find a summary of all of the changes to the Local Authorities Election Act since the 2017 election here.

As a Candidate, when do I need to open a bank account?

A candidate must open a bank account in the name of the candidate or in the name of the campaign as soon as possible after the amount of contributions from any person(s) exceeds $1,000 in the aggregate, including any money paid by the candidate out of their own funds. Money in that account must then only be used for the payment of campaign expenses.