How to Park – For Residents

Once residents (and licenced businesses) have registered their vehicles for a Resident Parking Permit, follow these steps to park:

Step 1: Find a parking space in the pay-parking zone downtown. 

Step 2: Every time you park, you must register your licence plate

Use the 

  • Blinkay mobile app 
  • or go to the website on your mobile phone
  • or use the pay station machine to enter your licence plate number.
     (It will recognize vehicles with a Resident Parking Permit.)

Step 3: Select the amount of time you want to park. 

  • You have 3 hours free every day. The system will recognize your plate and calculate free time.
  • You can select 20-minute increments. 
  • By entering your time you want to park, you get to split up your 3 hours for different visits downtown.

Step 4: If you are using the mobile app, it will tell you if you are close to using up the time you selected and you can add time.

Step 5: If you are parking longer than your 3 free hours in a day, add extra time you wish to park. Pay for additional time on your mobile app, the website or at a pay station.

Step 6: Go to your destination. You do NOT need a receipt and you do NOT display anything in the vehicle.