Apply for Resident Parking Permit

Getting Ready to Apply

  1. To apply for a Resident Parking Permit, you must first determine if you reside inside or outside the controlled zone (resident-only parking streets or paid parking zone) through this map
    • Have your street address ready and unit (if applicable)
    • Have your vehicle licence plate number ready
    • Have your vehicle make, age and colour ready
    • Have your vehicle registration document ready to photograph or scan
  2. Next, determine what type of permit you will need:
    • a Resident Parking Permit is for permanent residents of Banff.
    • a Temporary Worker Parking Permit is for out-of-town workers, who ordinarily live in another jurisdiction, who now live in Banff for the purpose of employment. Select this if you are temporarily working in Banff with intentions on returning home to your permanent residence within six months.
    • a Temporary Resident Parking Permit is for interim purposes only and valid for only three months. Banff residents who are awaiting updated documents or have a temporary vehicle (i.e., out of province licence plates) may apply for this permit type.   
    • a Business Licence Parking Permit is available to any business, resident or non-resident, that has a valid Banff business license. Permits are not available for car rental fleets, scooter rental fleets, or taxis. Guest Parking Permits are not available for Business accounts.
  1. Get ready documents required for your online application. These can be photographed or scanned and saved on your computer as PDF, JPEG, PNG files.
    • Vehicle Registration 
      • All residents who have a vehicle they want registered must provide proof of valid vehicle registration for each vehicle.
      • For Banff residents who live outside controlled zone (outside the resident-only parking  or paid parking zones)  vehicle registration listing your Banff PO Box is satisfactory and you do not need to provide any additional documentation.
      • If you live inside the controlled zone (inside resident-only parking or paid parking zones), AND you want a Guest Parking Permit in the future for a visiting family member or friend, you will also need to provide proof of residency IF your vehicle registration only lists your PO Box and does not list a street address. If your vehicle registration lists your street address, you do not need to provide additional proof of residency.
      • If your current vehicle registration does NOT indicate a Banff PO Box or street address, you will be selecting a temporary permit, and you will need to provide proof of residency, as well as your current vehicle registration.
    • Proof of Residency
      • Examples of proof of residency include a utility bill (water, electric, gas), internet bill, rental agreement, property tax bill, etc.
      • Proof of Residency is NOT required if you live outside the controlled zone.
      • Proof of Residency is required for:
        • people in the controlled zone who will want a Guest Parking Permit for visitors but they do not have a vehicle 
        • people in the controlled zone who will want a Guest Parking Permit for visitors but have a vehicle registration that does not list their street address
        • people who have recently moved to Banff and do not have a Banff PO Box on their vehicle registration.
      • If you live in staff accommodation, use this form to obtain confirmation from your employer of residence, if you do not have other proof of residence.

Now you are ready to apply. 

You can either visit Town Hall (weekdays  8:30 am - 12 pm and 1 - 4:30 pm) or go online with the link below.

Creating an account and applying for permit - (Steps you will take in online application)

  • Step 1: Create an account by going to the online portal and clicking CREATE ACCOUNT.  Be sure to indicate if you are creating the account profile as an individual resident or as a licensed business
  • Step 2: Once you are logged in, select Add Resident Parking Permit
  • Step 3: Select Add Vehicle
  • Step 4: Add your vehicle’s details, including its license plate number. Your vehicle will be saved in the system
  • Step 5: Complete the process by selecting your permit type: Resident Parking Permit, Temporary Resident Parking Permit, Temporary Worker Parking Permit or Business License Parking Permit.
  • Step 6: Upload your Vehicle Registration and Proof of Residency
  • Step 7: View and accept the Terms and click Next. You will see a pop up confirmation page. Click Yes to submit application. 


  • Residents who have a registered account will obtain permits for visiting guests in the online portal for the specific dates of the visit

Your permit will be submitted to the Town for review. You will be notified via email after your permit has been approved or if we need further details.

Free parking for residents 80+ 
Banff residents who are 80 years old and up are eligible for free parking in pay lots.
Residents who register for this program do not have to sign in their license plate each time they park downtown.
To access this benefit, visit Town Hall, 110 Bear Street, during regular business hours.

You will need to bring:

  • Your vehicle registration (the registration must be in your name)
  • A piece of identification to verify your age
  • Proof of your physical residence in Banff

For further information, call 403.762.1294 or email

Apply for a Resident Parking Permit

Questions or if you need assistance: 403.762.1294 or