Food Scraps Proposed Bylaw 434

Council has passed Waste Bylaw 434 (Non-Residential) which includes the following requirement for building owners and property managers in Banff:

All non-residential sector entities must provide infrastructure for diversion of food scraps

  • Infrastructure may include but is not limited to storage bins or other receptacles, for the separation of food waste from garbage for use by the Owner and Occupants
  • Every Owner shall inform Occupants of the Food Waste Collection program and the opportunity to participate in separating Food Waste from Garbage 

Why is the Town of Banff proposing these requirement changes? 

The Town of Banff strives to be a model environmental community, where everything we do is guided by a goal to protect this special place. 

The Town of Banff has a goal to divert 70% of waste by 2028, and ultimately send zero waste to landfill by 2050. It is estimated that 65% of Banff’s waste to landfill comes from the commercial sector and about 50% of that is food waste. Separating food waste can save Banff businesses money, as renting and servicing a food bin is 40% cheaper than garbage. 

We invite you to provide your input on the proposed requirement changes by emailing your answers to the following questions to Deadline is January 19. Written input can be submitted directly to council up to January 24.

  1. Do you think this will cause challenges with respect to your operations, costs, or otherwise? 
  2. What do you think would need to occur for these requirement changes to be implemented successfully? 
  3. Do you think that there are unintended consequences that could occur as a result of these requirements? 
  4. What special considerations should we give to stakeholders like yourself?
  5. Do you think these changes are in the best interest of Banff’s community? 
  6. Do you support the proposed requirement changes? 

Proposed Bylaw 434 will return to Council for 2nd and 3rd reading, at which time you may provide written or verbal input directly to Council. 

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