Getting Around Town

Walk, Bike & Roam
The Town of Banff is just 3.94 sq. kilometres, which means it's easier to get around by walking or biking—which is the best way to avoid traffic congestion. Long-term car/RV parking is tough to find, but you can almost always find a parking spot for your bike.

Roam Public Transit
Roam is an easy and affordable way to get around. There are several local bus routes and two regional routes to get you to Lake Louise and Canmore. There’s extended service in the summer with additional routes to Johnston Canyon, Lake Minnewanka, and the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. Save money by buying monthly, three month, or six-month passes. Get details on routes, fares, and schedules at

Bike racks are everywhere in Banff. Take advantage of bike parking and ride around, even in winter. Bicycles are considered vehicles, so obey the rules of the road. Use hand signals when turning, obey all stop signs and traffic lights, and ride on the road, not sidewalks. Children 12 and under can ride on sidewalks.

Visit to see parking availability in town and check for real-time parking and traffic information in the national park.

Explore the Park
Want to explore more of the national park without a car? Visit for details on shuttles, day trips and the best times to visit key attractions in the summer.

When it Snows
The Town plows roads based on a priority system. Main roads, bus routes and roads accessing emergency services are plowed first. School zones, hills and known problem areas are second priority, followed by areas that are prioritized based on gradient and volume. The Town will post temporary ‘no-parking' signs on streets to work on snow removal. Keep an eye out for signs, and move your car when required. Snow Clearing

What You’ll Notice on the Roads
Roads aren’t cleared to bare pavement. Our goal is to maintain a laneway wide enough for vehicles to safely pass. We use sand instead of salt, because salt is harmful to the environment and corrosive to vehicles. Plowing is prioritized over snow removal, which is only done when there’s a safety or visibility issue.

Parking Restrictions
From November 15 to May 1, there’s a no-parking zone on downtown streets between 2 and 7 a.m. This allows crews to safely and quickly remove snow before business hours. Check the map at

Sidewalk Clearing
It doesn’t matter if you rent or own your place, you’re responsible for clearing the sidewalks outside your home. You’re required to clear them to bare pavement within 24 hours of the last snowfall. Because this is a safety concern, failure to clear sidewalks could result in a fine. Sidewalks next to municipal property, paved and unpaved trails, municipal stairways (like the Tatanga stairs), and areas around public washrooms are cleared by the Town of Banff.