National Drowning Prevention Week

National Drowning Prevention Week, held July 21-27, 2019, is the Lifesaving Society’s annual drowning prevention awareness event. 

Local Events

Banff Centre
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Lifeguard Demos 

  • Lifeguard emergency response demonstrations during public swim (4-5 p.m.)
  • Information table/ booth (1-5 p.m.)
    • How to become a lifeguard 
    • Role of a lifeguard
    • What is drowning prevention week/ events around town this week

Banff Centre
Saturday, July 27
Interactive Stations on the pool deck 

  • Family survival swimming clinics (drop-in 1-2 p.m.)
    • Do you know what to do if you accidentally fall into a body of water?
    • Participants will practice a disoriented entry, treading water and up to a 50m swim
  • Reaching assists (drop-in 1-2 p.m.)
    • How do you help a friend or family member who has fallen into the water while keeping yourself safe?
    • Participants will practice safe assists with a throw rope 


These statistics are from the Canadian Drowning Report – 2018 Edition. 

  • Drowning is Preventable. Approximately 500 Canadians die in preventable water-related incidents annually. Even one drowning is one too many.
  • Watch me, not your phone.  Always actively supervise children around the water - if you’re not within arms’ reach, you’ve gone too far.
  • Be Boat Smart - Wear a Lifejacket.  Choose It. Use It. Always wear a lifejacket when in a boat.
  • Learn to Swim to Survive. In most drownings, the victim never intended to go in the water and was often close to safety – could you survive a sudden and unexpected fall into the water?
  • Swim with a buddy.  Make smart choices before going into or out on the water.
  • Know your limits. Alcohol consumption is a factor in almost 40% of boating-related fatalities. Both alcohol and cannabis use impairs judgment, reflexes and balance. Stay sober when in, on or around the water.
  • Be Water Smart all year round. You can save a life – yours and someone else’s. Take a learn-to-swim, lifesaving or first aid class today.

Drowning Prevention Week