Area Redevelopment Plans

An Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) is a statutory plan adopted as a bylaw by council in accordance with Sections 634 and 635 of the Municipal Government Act and Article 5.5 of the Town of Banff Incorporation Agreement. Area Redevelopment Plans are planning documents which set out land use policies and other programs that help guide the redevelopment of existing, developed, or previously disturbed areas in a community which are in need of some form of rehabilitation.

An ARP is intended to provide a land use planning framework to guide future redevelopment by:

  • describing the objectives of the plan and how they are to be achieved;
  • establishing land uses and development standards for the redevelopment area;
  • preserving or improving land and buildings in the area;
  • rehabilitating buildings in the area;
  • removing buildings from the area;
  • constructing or replacing buildings in the area;
  • establishing, improving or relocating roads, public utilities or other services in the area;
  • facilitating any other development in the area; and
  • any other proposals that council considers necessary