Multi-Day Farmers Market Special Event 

2020 Market

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Policy C5001 Festivals and Special Events outlines the standards, frequency, and expectations for festivals and special events in Banff.  A multi-day Farmers Market is a special category under this Policy. Farmers Markets are organized and delivered as a special event by external organizations that apply to the Town of Banff for permission to operate a market. The Town regulates this business activity through the Policy and Special Event Standards because the market occurs in the public realm, has a social and economic benefit to the community, while also presenting risks such as safety, traffic, and reputation. The multi-day Farmers Market is considered one special event under this Policy.

Under the Policy, a Farmers Market is defined as “an open public market that contains a variety of booths, tents or stalls that display primarily locally-produced artisanal foods, specialty produce, baked goods as well arts and crafts products.  Farmers market may also offer limited personal services such as temporary henna tattoos, face painting, massage therapy and palm reading.”

The Policy permits Farmers Markets, provided:

  a.    They occur outdoors; 

  b.    They generally conform to the requirements and Standards of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Approved Markets;

  c.    They are temporary in nature and held no longer than 2 days per week, 

  d.    100% of the vendors meet the "make it, bake it, grow it" criteria as defined;

  e.    Provide limited personal services which do not comprise more than 10% of the market vendors; 

  f.    They do not include flea market booths, sale of professional, financial and office services, or second hand products; and, 

  g.    They are limited to 26 days per year collectively with the community.

The Policy defines ‘Make it, Bake it, Grow it’ as “locally produced products, made, baked or grown by the seller, the immediate family of the seller, a staff member of the seller, or by a member of a producer-owned cooperative. Products and services originating from outside Alberta and British Columbia, franchises or distributorships will not be considered local in origin.”  The Farmers Market operator is responsible for ensuring that the individual vendors conform to the ‘make it, bake it, grow it’ requirements. The Town interprets this to allow for sale of produce grown outside Alberta and B.C. in rare circumstances when the regional crops are temporarily unavailable. 

Pending Town Council’s amendment to the Policy C5001 and the Special Event Standards (to be discussed in the first quarter of 2020), the Farmers Market can include a maximum of two booths dedicated to information sharing and/or public engagement activity, with no sales offering (such as for non-profits, government organizations, or foundations). In a similar fashion to approving all vendors at a Farmers Market, the Town reserves the right to approve or reject proposed public engagement booths.

Policy C5001 further states: “No single applicant shall hold more than 80% of the special event allocation in any particular event category.” This means that one applicant for a summer multi-day Farmers Market may operate no more than 20 days per year.

The Special Event Standards provides clarity in support of Policy C5001, to ensure successful events and minimize negative impact to the Town.