2019 Farmers Markets Application

Banff Farmers Market Applications

Festivals and special events have the capacity to enhance the quality of life for both residents and visitors, create memorable national park experiences and provide services which allow people to access new experiences.

The Town regulates farmers markets through the Festivals and Special Events Policy C5001 (PDF) and Special Events Standards (PDF) to maximize the benefits to residents and visitors, maintain market standards and safety, and minimize impact on traffic, parking, and the environment.

A Farmers Market is considered a category of festivals and special events, and is defined as an open public market that contains a variety of booths, tents or stalls that display primarily locally-produced artisanal foods, specialty produce, and baked goods as well arts and crafts products.

Farmers markets must:

  • occur outdoors;
  • conform to the requirements and Standards of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Approved Markets and Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission regulations;
  • be temporary in nature and held no longer than 2 days per week;
  • have at least 90 percent of the vendors meet the "make it, bake it, grow it" criteria as defined in the policy and the remaining vendors meet the "personal services" criteria as defined in the policy;
  • do not include flea market booths, sale of professional services, or second-hand products;
  • be limited to 26 days per year (all farmers markets combined) within the community; and
  • no single applicant shall hold more than 80% of the special event allocation in any particular event category (i.e. Farmers Market).


A special event permit is required to hold a farmers market. A special event permit application identifies a number of requirements based on the specific proposal, which may include a Street and Public Place Use Permit, Traffic Management Plan, Emergency Plans, Site Maps, as well as business licencing for the organizer and seasonal business licences for all vendors. Requirements are outlined in Special Events Standards (PDF).

An application for a festival or special event shall not be processed until the applicant has provided all required information, documents and fees as described in the Festival and Special Event Policy and the Special Event Application Form. Applications must be submitted to the Town of Banff no less than three months in advance of the event date. An application/request only and does not guarantee a permit will be issued.

2019 Application Intake Process

The Town of Banff has received interest from a number of operators to organize farmers markets. To ensure fairness in the process to approve markets on public land, and to provide adequate time before the summer season, the Town of Banff is holding a Farmers Market Application Intake Process:

  1. The Town will receive special event applications online for Farmers Markets until February 1 at 4:30 p.m. for the 2019 summer season.
  2. An initial review of all applications will determine if applications are complete. If any required information or administration fee is missing, the applicant will be notified and will be given two weeks to submit missing information/fee. Should the missing information/fee not be submitted by the two week date specified to the applicant, the application will not be processed as part of this initial intake period.
  3. If there is more than one complete application proposing a farmers market on the same date(s) and location(s), a lottery will take place to determine the permitted applicant within two weeks of the February 1 closing date, or after any two week extensions for complete applications.
    1. Each applicant is invited to attend the lottery. Applicants should be prepared to accept or refuse the offer to enter into a special event agreement regarding the 2019 Farmers Market.
    2. Should the applicant be unable to attend they are invited to send a designate in their place, providing written approval of the designate to speak on behalf of the applicant.
    3. The names of all applicants will be drawn February 27, 2019, to establish the order in which an offer of a special event agreement could be made.
    4. Beginning with the first name drawn, that individual, partnership or business will be invited to select up to 80% of the market days or refuse the offer to enter a special event agreement with the Town.
    5. Moving to the second name drawn, that next individual, partnership or business will be invited to select or refuse the remaining days.

Farmers market applications are submitted through the online Special Event Application form.

Recurring special events

The Special Events Standards (PDF) states that recurring annual special events require a notice of intention to renew, in writing with date confirmation, at least eight months in advance. Venue locations are not held unless notice of intentions are made in writing.