Drop-in Sessions

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Drop-in Sessions

The Town of Banff offers a variety of drop-in sport, wellness and leisure sessions. Banff residents can access drop-in sessions by purchasing an annual Banff Activity Pass Membership (valid September 1 – August 31, 2023). Non-residents can attend by paying the drop-in fee or by purchasing a 10 punch or three-month pass. Banff Activity and paid memberships can be obtained at Town Hall or The Fenlands during operating hours. These sessions are open to all genders and abilities.

To view times and locations, visit, banff.ca/dropincalendar

Drop-in & Pass Rates:

Banff Activity Pass
Residents aged 26+: $10+GST
Residents aged 0 - 25: $0 (thanks to funding from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation)

Please note that you will be required to provide proof of Banff residency to activate your annual membership. 

The Banff Activity Pass does not include fitness room access or open ice/indoor turf usage. 

Banff residents can attend drop-in classes, sports and social activities for FREE by signing up for an annual membership. Not a Banff resident? check out our discounted 10 pass options that will get you access to all the same classes and activities.

These sessions are open to all genders and abilities.

To view times and locations, visit, https://banff.ca/dropincalendar

Pass TypeAdult (18-54)Senior (55+)Youth (12-17)Child (5-11)Family (up to 2 adults & their dependents who reside in the same household)













3 Month Pass 







Banff Access Tier 1

50% off

50% off

50% off

50% off

50% off

Banff Access Tier 2

25% off

25% off

25% off

25% off

25% off

For more information email recreation@banff.ca or call 403.762.1235. 

Children & Youth

Youth Sports
Come alone or bring along some friends and join in a casual game basketball, volleyball, badminton and more. We have lots of sports to choose from. Equipment and pinnies provided. 

Active Living & Wellness

16+ Shinny
Enjoy some casual hockey, meet new friends and work on your stick and puck handling skills. Skate and helmet rentals available. 

40+ Shinny
Enjoy some casual hockey, meet new friends and work on your stick and puck handling skills. Skate and helmet rentals available. 

50+ Fitness
A fun fitness class that will have you focused on cardiovascular and muscular strengthening, core and balance and ends with a nice stretch. 

50+ Yoga for the Wise
This class is for adults like you that want to explore movement in the body. Time has provided you with the knowledge of your physical, emotional and mental capacities. Your instructor will suggest poses and movements during each session but the focus will be to meet you where you are at each time you attend.

In badminton you will use racquets to hit a shuttlecock (or birdie) across a net at your opponent. Badminton can be played one-on-one or as doubles, so come alone or bring a friend. Racquets and birdies are provided. 

Come alone or bring along some friends and join in a casual game of pickup basketball. Basketballs and pinnies provided. 

Dance Conditioning
Dance conditioning is a fun workout for your body and brain that will uplift your spirits. Each session will have you moving through a warm-up for joint mobility and ease, get your heart rate up with some barre exercises and challenge your brain with some simple choreography. You will finish with some dance-based movements for strengthening and a stretch. Dance makes you agile, flexible and strong while the music makes you smile! 

Family Skate
Come out with the kids and enjoy an hour of skating during the week. Strollers are permitted and helmets and balance bars are available upon request. 

Indoor Walking and Social
Participants can choose to walk through the facility or use the cardio equipment in the fitness room. Coffee and tea will be served in one of the meeting rooms following the walk. Parents or guardians with children in strollers are welcome to join the facility walk and social coffee and tea (childminding not available). 

Netball is a ball sport played by two teams of seven players. Games are played on a rectangular court with raised goal rings at each end. Each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the court and shooting it through its goal ring. Come out and join other locals while working up a sweat and learn a fun new game.

A paddle sport that can be played as singles or doubles and combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping pong that will have you working hard while having fun! Come on your own or bring a friend. Paddles and balls provided.

Pilates is that full body workout that has your instructor leading you through a warm-up with lots of stretching, followed by controlled movements that isolate specific muscle groups, especially your core, improving coordination and balance. Pilates is a low-impact workout, great for those recovering from an injury. 

Public Skating
Enjoy some casual time skating while the music plays. Skate and helmet rentals are available.

Join others to kick the ball around in a fun pickup game of soccer. Balls, pinnies and nets are provided.

Sticks and Pucks
New to hockey or need to work off a bit of that summer rust? Come out to The Fenlands and work on your puck and stick handling skills during a public skate. Skate and helmet rentals available. 

Join fun game of pickup volleyball. You can work on your serves, volleys and setting in a great social setting. Volleyballs and nets provided. 

Yoga Flow & Nidra
Break up your week with a yoga session that will lead you through mindful movements and breath work before moving into a restful practice of Yoga Nidra (known as the yogic sleep). The first portion of this practice will get the energy flowing and create warmth in the body and will then transition into slow movement that will have you feeling both awake and rested by the end.

Youth Shinny
Come out to youth shinny and have some fun shooting the puck around, working on your stick handling and playing some casual hockey. Skate and helmet rentals available.

Yoga Class