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Snow Removal
Clearing StreetsLiving in Rocky Mountains means exposure to extreme weather, including snow and ice from approximately October to May, with occasional snow events any time of the year. A small, dedicated streets crew maintains our roads and clears snow.

Who Maintains the Roads in Banff?
Roads within the townsite are cleared by the Town of Banff streets crew, based on the priority of the road according to the town’s Snow Management Plan. The plan identifies which roads in town are plowed first. Highways within Banff National Park are cleared by Parks Canada.

Snow Removal versus Winter Road Maintenance
Winter road maintenance is: 
  • Sanding all roads 
  • Maintaining a laneway wide enough for vehicles - parking lanes are not typically cleared
  • Daily inspections for icy/unsafe conditions, damage or vandalism to infrastructure 

Snow removal is done only when required. It consists of: 
  • Physical removal of snow, using the entire streets crew and contracted haulers 
  • One to three days notice of a Temporary No Parking zone

Since parking is at a premium in Banff, the Town does not have regular winter parking restrictions for scheduled snow removal, as other municipalities do. The Town will post temporary 'no parking' signs on streets to work on snow removal. Town bylaws allow for the removal of cars in temporary no parking zones after 24 hours. If cars were parked there prior to the no parking signs going up, it would be at the expense of the Town. But cars parked in those zones after signs go could be subject to a fine or towing.

However, weather can change at any time, necessitating streets crews to change their schedule and resume priority snow clearing. Sign up for road alerts to receive updates in your mailbox

Who Maintains the Sidewalks in Banff?
It's the responsibility of an owner or occupier of a property to clear all adjacent public sidewalks of snow and ice within 24 hours of the last snowfall. Failure to clear sidewalks could results in a fine of $100. If sidewalks remain snow covered after an initial warning or fine has been issued, the Town of Banff may clear that sidewalk for a fee charged back to the registered property owner at the cost of the work, plus 25%. Find out more of What Good Locals Know in the Winter.

More Information:

If you are concerned about a road or sidewalk that has not been cleared, please submit an Action Request.