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Council Strategic Plan 2015-2018
Strategic PrioritiesCouncil Strategic Plan 2015-2018
This four-year strategic plan is a guiding document that concentrates on seven themes, with fourth year measurable outcomes for each, as well as annual tactics.

Themes throughout the four years are housing, trails, transportation, economic prosperity, recreation, environment and social well-being.


The four years of this plan include three remaining years of the present council, and one year after the 2017 municipal election. This is a living document; we don’t expect the plan to remain exactly the same throughout its four-year lifespan. The present council expects to review this plan annually, and to make changes as conditions change or as new information or solutions become available. The post-2017 council may choose to adopt the one remaining year of this plan, or to start immediately with a new plan of its own. 

Having a four-year strategic plan allows us to think longer term, and to set ambitious goals for each of the themes, with a logical program for reaching those goals.

Regular Council Updates 
Council reviews the progress of this plan at each council meeting. You'll find updates posted regularly on each priority page of the council agenda.