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Combustible Roof Replacement Incentive Program
Photo by Alan WesthaverThe Town of Banff is offering financial incentives to homeowners whose homes have an unrated combustible roof system. 

To Apply for the Program

Financial Incentive
Successful projects qualify for $900 per home. A duplex will be eligible for $900 per half duplex. The program has annual capacity limits. If limits are reached, incentive recipients will be compensated in the following year's funding allocation based on submission dates. 

Program Participants
Once you are a program participant, you will need to:
  • Provide a copy of the roof replacement invoice and proof of payment
  • Provide proof new roofing material has a minimum Class B fire resistance rating

Why FireSmart your Roof?
Lessons learned from the preliminary findings in a report published by the Institute for Catastrophic loss Reduction following the fire in Fort McMurray verify and reinforce the need to FireSmart homes and communities susceptible to heavy ember loading due to a high intensity wildfire. The report clearly demonstrates that homes that adopted FireSmart principals had a significantly higher survival rate compared to homes that did not apply FireSmart principals.

Banff has approximately 330 residential homes with untreated combustible roofs. The resources and time required to protect a home with an untreated combustible roof more than doubles. With limited time and resources, these types of structures may be identified as being unable to be protected during a wildfire and abandoned to protect homes with a higher probability of survival.

Banff Fire Department Administration